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September 9, 2013

President Smartt,

                This week was great, our first full week in Roseau. It was a long week, but we were able to see the fruits of our labors.
                Well, there wasn’t really an area book when we got here, so we had to start from scratch. We did a lot of contacting. We tried to talk to as many people as we could and invite them to our activities. We have been studying chapter nine in Preach My Gospel, and it has helped us a lot. We were able to set up appointments with a lot of the people that we met contacting. Louvency has helped us a lot too. He was baptized last week and this week he invited his friends to our activities. His friend, Deltin, and his 3 younger brothers came to book a thon on Wednesday, futbol on Friday, and church on Sunday. Deltin has also accepted a baptismal date for the 28th of the month. We need formally ask his parents for permission, but other than that, he is excited and his mom likes us.
                We also met a woman named Helen, who lives around the corner from the church. She has come to church before, as many of the members knew her. She brought two of her children with her as well. She seems really interested, was participating in the Sunday school lesson, and has asked us to come back and talk to her more.
                We have also decided, per request from the branch members, that we will start a basic Spanish class on Thursday evenings. Everyone is excited to some and learn a little Spanish. I am also grateful for the opportunity I have to be a par of it, because I know that when you teach someone else how to do something, it helps to solidify it in your own mind.  I have been practicing my Spanish with elder mello and look forward to continue improving.
                Have a great week!
                Elder Nielson   

Alright, well this week was pretty crazy. First of all, it was crazy hot. and we have to share the truck with the elders in portsmouth, so we were on foot this week. we were strolling around town, and by that i mean we were climbing freakin mountains every day haha. this place sucks when it comes to inclines. plus, i dont know if i already mentioned this or not, but it was HOT.
On tuesday, i almost pooped my pants again. almost. i made it home, but it was a photo finish. we were about 30 mins away from our house and all of a sudden it just hit me. and i mean it hit me. i carefully ended the conversation we were having and we took off. a jehovah's witness lady came up to us and stopped us, though, and started to argue with us. finally got away from her, and then wouldnt you know it, hot dog guy showed up in fromt of us. hot dog guy (gilbert) is a hot dog vendor that we have been trying to find for 2 months. literally. 2 months. OF COURSE he shows up right then, when i feel like i'm going to die. we got his info, and as soon as we were going to leave, Job shows up and starts talking to us. Job is a 17 yr old kid from portsmouth thats way cool. He's cool, but i didnt have the time to talk to him at the moment haha. finally got away, and hustled home.  I had to run the last block haha. my gosh, it was a faith testing day. all these people i needed to talk to were put in my path and the lord was trying to see if i would talk to them.. either that, or he just thought it was funny to mess with me.. haha
on friday, we went and played soccer with a bunch of local kids at the park. i bought a soccer ball for 66 cents EC, which is like 20 cents US. talk about a bargain.. anyways, we were playing with some sketchy people. i pulled a move on one of the guys on the other team and scored a goal. as i turned around, two of the thug looking guys came up to me and asked "where you from white boy?" i said california, and one of them got a big grin on his face and said "you has skillz dog!" haha  it was hilarious. terrible grammar, but hilarious nonetheless. we put that quote on our fridge actually. if you're ever having a bad day, just remember, you has skillz dog.
Saturday, we went up to the scariest place on earth and did some service for a guy we met in town. i dont want to brag, but i'm a boss when it comes to using a machete..
yesterday, elder mello and I spoke in sacrament meeting. he, on patience, and I on kindness. we were both supposed to speak for 15 mins. this was elder mellos first talk in english, and was about 9 minutes long. so yeah, i was left with about 21 minutes haha. i pulled it off though. it was good. it sucks writing a talk without a computer though. i have always under appreciated the backspace key.. having to cross out mistakes and move whole paragraphs around on paper is miserable haha
today, i took elder mello to trafalgar falls. it was cool, good to go back there. he has also been teaching me how to make peruvian food. i'll have to make it for you guys when i get home. the best so far are called tacacho and ponche. we had tacacho today and it was delicious. 
so yeah, that was my week. super exciting.. haha well this friday is the 6 month mark. gone by fast and slow at the same time. im not really looking forward to coming home, since that means i'll have to be an adult and stuff, so that sucks.. haha. 
Anyways, P-day's over. i'm glad you all had a great week and got to visit some of your friends! 

With love!

Elder Nielson

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