Wednesday, March 12, 2014

December 9, 2013

This week we had an awesome lesson with Luis Sanchez. Last night, we went to his house and taught him the second half of the plan of salvation. he understood the three glories really well, but didnt totally understand the whole spirit world thing. We went back and talked about that in more detail. When we started to talk about the resurrection, he paused and started to tear up. he looked really contemplative. the look that could either mean he's feeling the spirit, or that he's really en contra to what we're saying. after almost a minute of silence, he said "wow. i can't believe you're showing me these things from the book i have read all my life (the bible). Yeah, the book of mormon is new and all, but i can't believe that all my life i have been reading this and i havent learned these simple truths. " He told us too that he wants to be baptized. he said "things have happened in my life and i swore to myself that i wouldnt go back to church. but in this church, yo me siento sumamente bien" He is working on getting married weith his member girlfriend and then he will be baptized. It was such a great experience. To see the spirit working on someone like that is such a blessing to see. I'm really excited for him. things are going pretty well here in juana diaz, and i'm looking forward to what it to come.

Elder Nielson

love you all and have a great week!

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