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November 18, 2013

YOU GOT HOOKED ON THE OFFICE! ahh yeah son. that makes me pumped. elder castaneda is always throwing out Office references and it makes me feel right at home haha. that's the best. michael scott. gotta love him.

Sounds like it's gunna be a fun christmas! Don't worry about getting the decorations up already. chrsitmas starts here the day after halloween, and people tell me that it ends the 15th on january. theres already tree up and tons of christmas music everywhere. but puertorriquena christmas music is way different than the garbage in the US. im glad that i dont understand most of it, because i swear, listening to stupid songs about rudolph the goat and rocking around the christmas gay drives me insane haha

well, sad news this week. Elder Fournier went home. He gave his "homecoming talk" yesterday. while we were in Dominica, he broke his foot, so he had to come back here to the island, and it got bad, so they just sent him home. he has to wait for at lesast 6 months, then he can try to come back again, but since this is the second time that he's had to leave the mission, it is highly unlikely that they will let him come back. he called me yesterday and told me that he already has a trip to utah planned in january and that he's gunna go look for a job/schooling there. he got accepted to BYU before his mission, so hopefuilly he'll end up there. He said he sent you guys a letter this week too, so be looking out for that.

oh, i sent you one too. i sent it on thursday, hoping it would get there by saturday, but i guess it didnt. it'll answer your christmas questions :)

We got a referral from one of the members in our ward and we had a lesson with her on friday. Her name is Karla, and she is the sobrina de Hna Mangual. We were on exchanges that day actually, so Elder Galvez and Elder Henao taught her the first lesson. They said that it went fantastic. She was even taking notes during the lesson and paying very close attention. She is about the same age as us and has a lot of doubts on what is true and what isn't. She came to church on Sunday also. She has a baptismal date for the 7th of December! I'm really excited for her. She has a lot of support with her Aunt and has made friends in the church already as well. She seems really solid.

Boomboo and his girlfriend also came to church this week! We had a thanksgiving dinner activity on saturday night, which they came to, and one of the members here, Hna Ruiz, was quick to introduce herself and help them feel comfortable. Hna Ruiz even picked them up on sunday morning for church! They had a great time and seemed really happy there.

We also had two other investigators at church this week. They are both either the boyfriend or girlfriend of one of the members here in the ward. This week i realized that Members really are super important in the obra misional, because we have been working our butts off, and it seems like not much has come of it, but when the members give us referrals, and befriend the investigators, and help bear testimony with us, the work really increases. With these 5 investigators we had in church this week, we only found one of them. All of the rest were brought to us by members.

Ahh, anyways, everyones walking out the door. gotta go. be safe and have a good week! Love you all!

Elder Nielson

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