Sunday, March 24, 2013

 Mi familia querida. 
                We made it! Yesterday was such a long day, oh my gosh. So while Dad and I were checking my bags we saw a missionary behind us who was also checking in. His name is Elder Moore, he's from Upland, and I flew with him the whole way. We got to Dallas and realized that the Dallas airport is MASSIVE. Our next gate was so far away it was ridiculous. We had to walk across some giant road in a tunnel and all kinds of crazy things. It took us forever to get off the plane once we landed too, so we only had like 10 minutes to get to our gate before it boarded. We were hustlin haha. Thank heaven for those moving sidewalks, thats all I'm saying. While we were boarding we met a guy named Eric who is from San Bernadino and he was on his way to Gainesville, FL to see his mom. oh shoot, i'm getting in trouble. I gotta go. Anyways, i'm safe, i'm here, and this place is so awesome. I can feel the spirit so strongly here. This is where i need to be. The temple is amazing, it's right next door. The elders and hermanas here are really cool, i lucked out. I love you guys and i'll talk to you later!  
Con Amor, Elder Nielson

Arrived in Santo Domingo March 13, 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This is an attempt by a couple of middle aged and technologically challenged parents to share Jeff's mission experiences with friends and families. With that said, lower your expectations now.

We will attempt to share his letters and pictures that he sends us and keep our loved ones, as well as our liked ones informed and able to share in this experience. Thanks for being patient with us, and in the words of Elder Nielson, on describing the banana soup that he ate the first few days of his adventure in Santo Domingo, "totally funky, but delicious."