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September 2, 2013

President Smartt,
                This week was great. On Tuesday, we drove to the airport and picked up Elder Cadogan and Elder Mello. On Thursday, we had some difficulties in listening to the Zone Conference. We could barely hear what was being said. We think that the microphone was too far from the speaker. We tried our best to hear what was being said, but it was very difficult. We did enjoy the opportunity of seeing President Anderson, however. He’s a great man and we all love him.
                So the rest of the week. Elder Fournier and I have worked in Portsmouth for the time we have been here, so Elder Mello and I didn’t have a lot to work with here in Roseau. I helped show him around the area and we tried to meet as many people as we could. We have come to the realization that we are going to have to do a lot of contacting here, because the branch is so tiny and we don’t know very many people at all.
                Saturday morning, Louvency Acceus got baptized! He got baptized by Brother Joel Joseph, the 2nd counselor in the branch presidency, in the Picard River near Portsmouth. It was a fantastic morning. It was raining all morning until he actually got into the water and then it cleared up and the sun came out. It was awesome. It reminded me of when Jesus came up out of the water and the heavens opened. All four of us Elders sang a couple hymns a capella while they were changing and the Spirit was great. All in all, Saturday was a great day.
                Sunday, we were able to take a young man named Terry to a lunch appointment with us. Terry isn’t necessarily less active, but he could definitely be strengthened. De hecho, today is his sixteenth birthday. We really want to help him to have the desire to serve a mission. We are going to work hard with him. His uncle, Reggie, gets home from his mission on Oct. 3rd, and we hope that that will be a big help for Terry, because he looks up to Reggie a ton.
                Well, Elder Mello is my 2nd companion in the field. I had gotten used to being with one elder for almost 5 months, and now it is different. Elder Mello is great though. He was in my district when I was in Guaynabo. I feel like we get along well and that we will push each other to be better. We have already developed a language study plan, where one day is all English in the house, and the next is all Spanish. We are also reading the Book of Mormon out loud together at night before we go to bed. I can tell that my Spanish has already been getting a little better, and Elder Mello’s English has improved a lot in just the 6 days he’s been here. We are excited to be companions.
                Thanks for all of the work that you do for us, President. We love you!
                Elder Nielson
Alright, well yeah, I had a baptism this week! It was legit. on Sunday, I was the one who confirmed him. that was cool, first time doing that. 
So this week was looong. so much contacting and tracting. we'll tract this whole island by the time I leave. also, im pretty sure that there is some type of storm coming, because the rain hasn't stopped for the last few days. and the lightning/thunder yesterday? LEGIT. it was so loud. sounded like a gunshot went off right by our ears. it was so loud. 3 times it shook the house. crazy stuff. remember when that lightning bolt hit the tree in the park by our house in Detroit? classic.
Well, Elder Mello is my new companion. He was the AP until this week.  He's from Peru. He's tiny, smaller than Zach. he's been out for 17 months. we get along pretty well, and we help one another with the language.
I was pumped to hear about Michigan. I miss that for sure. that's the hardest part about being away haha forget missing my family, I miss the Wolverines! That's way cool that Grandma and Grandpa were able to come down and see you guys, sounds like fun!
So on Saturday, I played soccer. FINALLY. I haven't played a sport since April 20th. that's way too long. it was so nice to be an athlete again. right when we started, I faked out some kid, passed to elder mello, and he scored. like 12 seconds into the game. it was sick. the black kids on my team were like "AHHHHHHHHHHH, you got clowned on by the White Boy! AAHHHHHHH"   haha. it was hilarious. those kids didn't like getting embarrassed by the gordito. it was way fun. we're going to try to use soccer (everyone here calls it football, and it makes me so mad) to find new investigators and to help strengthen the young men in our branch (the two we have, Terry and Louvency). We are also going to be in charge of the Young Mens program here in Roseau. We will hold young men class on sundays and try to have young mens activities during the week. I'm like a young Nate Garn out here.
I'm glad you got that letter! that was quite an ordeal to get that to you, my heavens. letters are for old people, I swear. you know how much more convenient it would be if I could just shoot you a happy birthday text?
Hey Zach, Think Again!!
I found out some pretty sad news this week about one of my friends back home. I don't think i'm supposed to know about it, and not supposed to tell about it either. Just keep my friends in your prayers. I'll explain more later when I know all the details and what not..
In happier news, Andy sent me a picture of himself on fire. He was on fire for 8 seconds. Don't ask..
 What else.. oh, make sure that I can get in on the NFL pick em game! I totally want in. The browns are gunna make it to the super bowl this year, but obviously lose to the Ravens. Back to back baby, I can feel it. Flacco got his money, time to go get another one.
Can you send me a schedule of BYU and Michigan football? I wanna at least know who they're playing.
Go Clemson.
From this computer I can see an advertisement for "THE ohio state university." im gunna go take it down..
I took it down. much better.
So this computer doesn't let me send pictures, so sorry for that. i'll send them sometime. just be patient.
Anyways, I love you all and hope that you have a wonderful Labor Day and a great week!
Tengan una semana maravillosa con muchas bendiciones!

Elder Nielson

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