Wednesday, March 12, 2014

December 16, 2013

This week had a lot of really weird things happen haha. wednesday was the weirdest day of my life. i'll have to tell you the story on chruistmas. it definitely needs facial expressions and gestures to convey the story. just be prepared. 

anyways, i feel pretty weird today. not totally sure why. like everything is bothering me today. My patience is definitely still back in our apartment haha. i've just got no patience for stupid people. I am pretty sure it's because i had to go to the CESCO today (the puerto rican DMV). i got my PR license today. i had to take the written test in spanish. all of the questions are the specific fines for certain violations. it pissed me off for two reasons. One: who care. Two: Fines here are so cheap compared to california. my 250 stop sign ticket? Here wouldve been 30 bucks. my 350 speeding ticket? here wouldve been about 125. sheesh.. anyways, now your boy if officially licensed and ready to hit the streets. i'll send a pic if i can get my camera back from elder galvez. he's using it right now..

The other day i tried to catch an iguana. i caught it. but it bit me, so i dropped it. haha. i have a video of it, but elder galvez is really bad at cinematography, so it's kinda hard to understand what's goin on. but yeah, so that happened.

turns out that elder jewkes' sister served her mission in dearborn. he just asked her if she knows the galbraiths. guess we'll find out. she served there in september ish of 2007. 

heres also a pic of the plaza here in juana diaz. alright, so the way it works is every little pueblo has a plaza right i the middle of it, and in the same plaza there is a big catholic church. they deck it out pretty good with the lights. people go hard for chrsitmas ere, it's pretty cool. 

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