Wednesday, March 12, 2014

December 30, 2013

Thanks to ALL for all of the stuff that we got this week. thursday afternoon, after our lunch with president, we all turned into children and opened all of our presents. We were all yellin like little school girls we were so excited haha. elder jewkes was disgusted with his hogwarts letter, which was EXACTLY the response i wanted out of him haha. castaneda and i were dying making fun of him hahah.   Castaneda figured the wrapped socks was a tie, set it to the side, and read the note out loud. he said "merry chrsitmas elder castaneda, i hope that you enjoy your KD's, and that... AHHHHHHH!!!"  and ripped open the socks haha he was so pumped. and elder galvez LOVED the ford stuff.  He had been saying "ask your dad to send me ford stuff!" like every day and I kept saying "No, shut up" haha. he thought it was so awesome. i was really happy that he got the box too. he wouldnt have gotten anything. when we were all getting our bozes, he was just sitting there, kinda bummed, then his box came to him and his whole face lit up. it was super cool to see. He came up to me later and said "hey man, for real. thanks. you made my christmas one i'll never forget."  thanks a lot for helping him and elder henao to have a merry christmas. They really really liked it.
 Thanks for my stuff too! The calendar is super cool. I love it. Be sure to tell everyone else thanks for me too. grandma grandpa and marshall, grandma loa, grandma nielson, everyone. i got a letter from the murrieta stake, your bishopric, your stake president, the first presidency.. you know. got one from my boy dieter. classic. it was cool. OH! and be sure to thank karen gill for me too! i got the letters she sent.  Thanks again!! I hope all of your christmas's were as merry as ours!
So, as for my birthday. i TOTALLY got the swedish fish from President! It was so legit. I love that guy. he brought out my present in a bag and sister smartt had everyone sing me happy birthday. he said "you didnt really think i'd forget your birthday, did you elder?" i said " AHH you love me more than my family!"  haha he laughed and gave me a big hug. this guy keeps it real. Such a stud.
 Dad hit the nail on the head with out lunch. we had jumbalaya hahah. shrimp, sausage, lobster, and rice with corn on the cob. it was so good. Rich people know how to do it.
Well, i'm getting transferred tomorrow. kinda sucks. i'm gunna miss this place a lot. and gunna miss jewkes, castaneda nd galvez. we had a good time here. Plus, i'll miss luiz and karla's baptisms! ahh!! that sucks. BUT, gotta do what you gotta do. I'll be with elder Ibarra, form argentina, and we'll boith be new in the area (arroyo).  that sucks. but it's what the lord needs. 
Anyways, i took pictures of christmas and everything, pero lamentablemente, i forgot my camera at home.  
Have a happy new year! Love you all!
Elder Nielson

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