Wednesday, March 12, 2014

November 11, 2013

Hey!  Happy Veterans Day!   For real though, holidays are hilarious as a missionary. nothing happens. at all haha. well thats not true. everyone ignores us because they're all drinking and playing their stupid bachata music super loud haha

This week we had one investigator in church. His name is Boomboo. He's 20, has a 20 yr old girlfriend, and has 2 kids. He was really interested in our church and came along with us to learn more. He said that he liked it and that he felt welcome there. We had an awesome lesson about the restoration and the first vision part was really powerful. The spirit was really strong. He said that once he knows that these things are true that he will be baptized. The problem we're seeing is that he isn't married. Hopefully they will be able to get married. He was expressing some concern, however, because he doesnt have his cuarto ano so he's not sure if his girlfriend will marry him. We're praying though. Super cool family.

We also had an experience that was really humbling this week. We went and did service for a guy named Manuel. He's not a member or anything, but he needed our help. He has a medical condition called Elephantiasis and he weighs almost 800 pounds. He can walk or do anything for himself. He's been like this for 12 years now. We did his yard work, cleaned his garage/house, and painted a wall for him. He was a way cool guy. He was only talking about posititve things too. It made me think about how i sometimes complain about things that i shouldnt complain about. I have made it a goal to be more grateful fopr that things that I have and the blessings that i've received in my life. The next time i'm complaining about having to ride my bike up a huge hill under the hot sun, I'm going to be grateful that I have the ability to ride a bike, to be outdoors, and to be a servant of my Heavenly Father.
Anyways, I hope all is well at home. I miss you guys and you're always in my thoughts!
Elder Nielson

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