Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February 24, 2014

well, you would think that this week was better, but nah, it wasnt haha. man, i´m definitely in the ¨learning how to endure to the end¨ part of my life haha. to be honest, i´ve learned patience pretty well. i dont get upset, i handle things calmly, and try to resolve problems quietly. BUT, that doesnt mean i dont have the urge to punch people in the face sometimes haha. man. so tuesday was zone conference in caguas. it wa a pain in the butt getting a ride up there. we asked people in the branch if they could help us and no one would. one sister said ´yo no brego con aquellas cosas.¨  (i dont have anything to do with that).  awesome. thatnks for your help hermana.. finally got a ride up there from someone in the other ward in the other city over. ridiculous. anyways, in the car ride there, the member said I cant bring you back, but here is 20 dollars to help pay for the taxi ride home... cool beans. also, we got a ride from a sister, which i thought was against the rules, but i asked my zone leaders THREE different times if it was okay, and they said that yes, now it is okay. cool. so. we get in our zone conference and president smartt says alright, time for Q and A.. people start asking questions about doctrine, the scrp`tures, whther or not adam and eve had belly buttons, you know, the nornmal missionary nonsense. then my wonderful companion raises his hand.. President, the handbook says that we arent supposed to get rides with women, if there isnt another man in the car. why then, in certain districts, does the district leader say that it´s allowed?   President says Who says that it is allowed? It´s not allowed. At this point, the entire caguas zone is looking at me, because they know i´m his district leader. my comp says Oh, just certain DL´s say it´s okay...   President says who told you that that was allowed? comp says my district leader. Elder Nielson, who told you that that was allowed?  I just said No one, i made a mistake. i´m sorry. Presidert says No, it´s not allowed. Everyone clear?   So now i´m looking at my Zone leader like what the heck! i just got hammered in front of 70 missionaries by my comp. so now i thik that it´s over, but wouldnt you know, his hand goes up again.. President, it is supposed that we arent allowed to receive money from other people, other than the missionary fund that we receive each month. why then in certain districts, does the district leader receive money from other people?  President says how much money are you receiving?  my comp says it doesnt matter how much, it just matters... President cuts him off Yeah it does matter, becaus depending on the amount, i might come and work with your district leader for a day!!  haha (i love president smartt). he says No elder, missionaries arent to receive money because if youre here on visa, it´s illegal. so tell ¨whichever district leader¨ that is allowing that that it shouldnt be allowed..   WOW. i got tattled on twice in front of the whole zone. we go outside for our break (because the conference was from 10am to 830pm)  and my zone leader come up to me with some excuse saying that president said this, president said that.. thank you for not telling on me.. i was just like yeah man, it´s cool...   gosh. i´m not receiving a wage out here, i just took 20 bucks so i didnt have to walk home! it´s what they would have spent on gas anyways! and if i didnt use it, i would give it back, LIKE I DID. PLUS, i´m not here on visa, so it´s not illegal! haha joke.  but yeah. awesome.   later, my comp comes up to me and says Can i talk to you for a second?  Sure. whats up.  He says Sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable,but i took the chance i had to ask those question to resolve my doubts... i just said no worries, now we know..   man, that was one of those i wanna punch you in the face moments haha. Alright, just like with the other guy from last week, if there is a problem, TAKE CARE OF IT IN PRIVATE. my goodness. i dont understand whats so hard about that. best part about it? the next day, we´re walking home and a car stops and asks if we need a ride. it´s just a lady, no one else, and what does my comp do? hops right in! i wanted to strangle him. the rest of the night i didnt talk to him because i would have lost it. i wouldve done something really bad haha. probably just words, but still. i´ve been praying that the lord will help me love my companion, but it seems like it´s jut been getting worse. 4 more weeks and then transfers. i can almost guarantee i´ll be with him for more than one transfer, jut because i´m lucky like that..

what else. alright, so saturday night and sunday was stake conference. in cauguas. we didnt get a ride for saturday, so as you can guess, we didnt go. awesome. we had a ride, our branch president, but he called us saturday morning and said that he and his family wasnt goin to go to the conference. so we asked all day long, but no one could take us. miraculously, we got a ride up on sunday morning.  Elder Zivic, one of the seventy, was there. the stake president was conducting and said alright, we will now hear from the stake family choir. the choir stands up, and what do you know, the whole family of the branch president is there!!!  my gosh. i was just like seriously? if you´re gunna lie to me, at least think it through first. sheesh. but better than lying, jut look me in the face like a man and say Look, i dont want to spend gas money on you, and thats it! so yeah. then, president alvarado walks in, because he lives in humacao, part of the caguas stake. i went and said hi to him and he gave me a big hug, like 20 seconds long. it was cool to see him again. 

but yeah, long week. but it wasnt all bad. had some good moments, but couldve been better. maybe they´ll demote me to normal missionary again. that would be fine with me. im sick of seeing how people try really hard to be in leadership, and once theyre there, act like theyre hot stuff. it´s stupid. to get up there in leadership they turn into a lambon (snitch) to prove that they are so much more righteous than everyone else. everyone has their weaknesses and makes mistakes. we should help them to overcome them and be supportive, not be a snitch and act like a hypocrite all the time.. 

anyways, thanks for the box! everyone was happy to get their treats. and the bars are working great. the only problem is that they are gunna run out on friday hah. so if you could send more, that would be great! my favorite are the normal chocolate crunch ones. so more of thoe then the rest, but i like them all. thanks!

oh, im gunna send you the letter from Jim morgan today in the mail. DONT LOSE IT. trust me. you´ll understand when you open it. make sure dad opens it too.. it´s for him.

 i hope that greg can feel better soon. just so you know bud, i´ve got a headache too. he´s 4 ft tall and live with me (hahah).. but for real, you´re in my prayers!

anyways, gunna get off antes de que me chotean. love you!

Elder Nielson

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