Wednesday, March 12, 2014

October 28, 2013

First:  Zach, sorry that you lost by one point. that made me mad too. You'll get them next time.
Second: Someone tell greg to get a haircut.
Third: Happy Halloween!
Nah i havent tried any of the recipes yet. No hay chavos haha (we dont have any money).  one day, hopefully..
Also, we found out that we have the coolest mission president ever this week. we have a less active kid whos sixteen here who loves paintballing, but doesnt have anyone to go with. we asked pres if we could go, figuring he'd say no.. he said "Elder, is the field in your area?" Uhh, yeah it is..  "Are you going to go on Pday?" uhh, yeah we are..  "well then elders, when you go, give me a call, and i'll be there."      AHH YEAH SON. we're about to go paintballing with our mission president in a few weeks. Boo Yah. gunna be so sick.
Those pumpkins look pretty dope. I've gotta say that gregs is my favorite haha. It bugs me here, though, that so many people here are anti-halloween. "it's satanic, it's this, it's that.." please. dame un breakisito. it's just fun. haha   "if we want to serve god, and we are engaging in pagan death rituals, how will he answer our prayers..."   my heavens. shut up and go trick or treating.  we have to be in our house by 6 on thursday. guess it's too dangerous to be out..
So last night I got a call from a number that I didnt know, and it was elder fournier. He's back in PR. it's weird, though, because tranfers arent for another 3 weeks. BUT, our zone is getting split this sunday. which means we need two new zone leaders.. it's gunna happen. Fournier doesnt know anything about what's going to happen, but i bet that's it. and my comp keeps saying that i'll be one of the ZL's too.  i swear, if I'm his companion AGAIN as a zone leader i'll die haha. hopefully not.
Can't believe it's november already. super fast. pretty soon we'll talk on skype!  I'm excited for that day. Gunna be sweet.
Have a happy halloween and a great week! 

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