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August 26, 2013

President Smartt,
                This week was great. On Tuesday, we had a lesson with Jeff right before movie night started. Jeff has a baptismal date for this Saturday. He is excited to be baptized and is understanding everything really well. On Wednesday, we were able to go out to Calibishie and meet with Gina at her place. Gina is an inactive member here who owns a hotel. She has been really excited about the temple magazine we left with her. She and her fiancée, Peter, have been reading it and have been starting to ask us questions about it. It is hard for Peter to get to church because he owns a dive shop and Sundays are a prime day for scuba diving. Later that evening, we had book a thon, where members, investigators, and their friends come to read the Book of Mormon. We had a great lesson with Louency on the Priesthood. Louency is also scheduled to get baptized this Saturday. Jeff and Louency will have a dual baptism. The baptism will be in Portsmouth, so most of the branch will be able to attend. We are excited for them and the start of their journey.
                So this Wednesday is transfers. I am looking forward to being with my new companion, although I would love to remain companions with Elder Fournier. He has taught me a lot and I have enjoyed being his companion. He made me a better missionary and a better person. I know that the things he has taught me will serve me well for the remainder of my mission. I know that this is the Lord’s work and that he will bless us as we continue to be obedient and work hard.
Elder Nielson
Alright. well, mom, congrats on the job. and the TB test...... haha
Well sounds like greg had a good time hanging out with the millionaire all weekend, my gosh..
Congrats to whitney on making the volleyball team!
I don't know anything about Zach. Just keep doin you..
So yeah, tomorrow night i'll get my new companion. I know who it is, but theres always a possibility of change, so i'll wait til next week to tell you who it is. I do know that i'll be staying down in Roseau and elder Fournier will be up in Portsmouth, which is where we've been working for the past 3 months. so yeah, i'll have a new comp and be in a new area. it'll be way different. but you gotta do what you gotta do!
Alright, so Monday, I got the WORST hair cut in the history of barbers. my heavens. I looked so bad. I walked in to some random place I saw and sat down. before I could even say anything, he took the clippers and started buzzing the back of my head! I was like "AHHHH! stop!" I want a 3 on the sides!"   At that point I realized that he didn't speak any English. he was a Haitian guy and only speaks French. He looked at me and said "it.. will.. look.. good.."    yikes. so I just let him do his thing. I tried to explain how I wanted the top to another guy who worked there who did speak English, but he definitely didn't understand me. the guy took the scissors are just cut the front of my hair (I would say bangs to clarify what i'm talking about, but that would make me sound totally gay, so I wont) straight across. Remember how much I hate straight bangs? YEAH, I looked like that. I looked like such an idiot haha. my comp didn't stop making fun of me all week. so that was p day..
Wednesday in calibishie.. ohhhh my gosh, it was so nice. Gina took us down to the beach to show us around her place. She was excited because the beach scene painting on the wall in the Newport Beach temple room looks EXACTLY like the her beach here, just that the rocks here are red. I took some pictures, but this computer i'm at doesn't let me plug any memory cards or sticks in, so i'll have to send them next week. Speaking of pictures, can you send me that picture of us and Lincoln? I haven't seen it.. No, the Stenquist's aren't native to the island haha. they are med students here. there is an american med school called Ross University in Portsmouth. Most of the branch here are students.. anyways, Lincoln, the kid in the picture with us, is named after Lincoln in Prison Break. AHH yeah son. that's what i'm talking about. Link the Sink. Greg knows..
 So i'm pretty sure that the church sends a lot of stuff here to help with the poverty, because I see people wearing BYU shirts, and pleasant grove HS shirts, and Utah Jazz shirts, stuff like that. I get jealous of the homeless people here because they have more BYU gear than I do haha. Dad would lose his mind. Also, I think that the Detroit Tigers send stuff here too, because EVERYONE has a tigers hat here. there sweet lookin too, dark blue with the old English D. At the Grotto (a homeless people hostel) 6 people are wearing them daily. I get pumped to see people wearing that stuff. Go Cougars! Go Tigers!
Also, last week, I saw Kobe Bryant. No joke. I swear it was him. this guy was super tall, bald, and just walked/looked EXACTLY like Kobe. It was him.
Well, that's what I've got for this week. I hope everyone has a good week!
 This week will be totally different... haha

Elder Nielson

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