Thursday, March 13, 2014

March 3, 2014

what up familia!
so, to start, i am really happy to hear that mom is an office addict. it makes me pumped haha. shes on season 9 and i'm still on 5 i think. or 6. i dont remember. i'll catch up soon.
so, no church again huh? i really wish we had snow here. i'm still melting under the 90+ degree weather here in the south of PR. it's ridiculous!
so this week. not too much happened. friday i had to do exchanges with the zone leaders, so elder lugo (colombia) came down from barranquitas and my companion went up to be with elder baldwin. we can just say that friday was the best day i've had in the last 3 weeks! i was happy all day long! it was wonderful! haha. elder lugo and I visited a less active lady in our ward, hna Rosa, who has been in active for like 3 or 4 years. she loves us, always cooks for us, and loves to have us over. her husband, hno pedro, is the most loyal member that we have here in Arroyo. Never fails. always here at church, noche de hogar, everthing.. but his wife, super inactive. she says that her husband isnt a good example of a christian, so to punish him, she doesnt go to church. ridiculous, i know. but it's what we have to deal with as missionaries haha. you wouldnt believe over half of the reasons why people go less active.. anyways, we had an AWESOME lesson with her about the sacrament and the holy ghost, and she said "you know what, i'll be at church this sunday." woo hoo!!! i was so pumped. until sunday.. hah. she didnt come. man, it made me so sad. i wish i just had all of the answers to give to people so they would just come! Ahh! sometimes i think the plan to take away everyones agency was a good idea! haha kidding. but for real. Just come!
no, i havent gotten the package yet. i went today, but there wasnt anything there. transfers are the 25 of march, so theres still time.
last night i had a meeting in san juan, with all the leaders of the mission. i saw a bunch of the people that were in the mtc with me. but freakin elder moore bailed on me and didnt show up. little poop stain. elder dypwick said that i look like a clown because my suit is so big on me now. took it as a compliment.
hey, can you guys find me sam stucki's email address? and bishop tanner? and bishop woodward? i wanna say what up to those guys.
can you believe it's march alreay? in 10 days i will have been out for a whole year! also, elder jewkes goes home that day. crazy!
so president lebron asked me to play the hymns in church yesterday again. i really hope this doesnt turn into a regular thing. i played josephs smiths first prayer, come follow me, and let the holy spirit guide. woooo.
so remember sister felix? the one in my group who got in a car accident and had to be reassigned to the florida mission? she had to go home again, so now shes done for good. she was super sick and had to go to the hospital a few times. the doctors dont know whats wrong with her, the tests haven tbrought anything up yet. just keep her in your prayers! 
so for the whole heavenly mother thing. this is what we know. D&C 131:1-4 says that in order to reach the highest part in the celestial kingdom (exaltation), we must be married. D&C 132:15-17 says that if we arent sealed in the temple, we will just be angels for ever, we wont reach exaltation. D&C 132:20-24 says that we will be gods. the plan of salvation is centered in families. why? that's the only way we'll be able to continue having children and progress on and on.. if god didnt have a wife, how would he have children? if god didnt have a wife, why would he command us to be sealed in the temple, to live with our spouse for all eternity? how did god become god? he was a man like us before, and reached exaltation? how did he reach exaltation? he had faith, repented, was baptized, received the holy ghost, got married, endured faithfully to the end, and reached exaltation. now obviously, that is pretty in depth for a new convert, but to answer your question, yes, we do have a heavenly mother. to say that HF doesnt talk about her because he's afraid of her name being mistreated isnt doctrine, but if you want to explain it that way, be my guest haha. it works for little kdis, not so sure about adults though.. you just got to think about it. why does HF have such a strict law of chastity? because he has given us the ability to create life, the same way that he can. it's amazing. that's why it's so important. hopefully that helps.. haha
anyways, have a good week! thanks for all of the love! tell grandma and grandpa that i'm sorry, but i dont have a ton of time to respond to them. next week!  
love you lots! GO BLUE!
Elder Nielson 

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