Wednesday, March 12, 2014

December 2, 2013


I hope you all had a happy thanksgiving! I played in the turkey bowl on thursday morning. it was a huge turn out! there was elder nielson, and that's it. it was close, but i won. 

For food, i had turkey, a baked yam, mofongo, and arroz con gandules, which is pretty much rice and peas. it was pretty good. i really missed mashed potatoes though, that's for sure.

On wednesday we had a zone meeting with elder cornish, of the 70. it was pretty good. he told us that the key to missionary work in these times is just three words: LOS MENOS ACTIVOS. he was really adamant about the need to work with the less actives because they will bring us new referrals, and better, stronger converts into the church. he also said a sweet quote that i really liked. he said "we are driven by our natural desires. when we have evil desires, we follow them. We also have a problem. we can't change our desires. so how can become better? Only Jesus Christ can change our desires through his atonement. We need to rely on him and accept him on our lives if we want to one day be able to be perfected and live with our father again." it's true. the atonement really is a lot more than we can understand. i have been studying it for a while now, and i will keep doing so. I have been reading Jesus the Christ too, which is an awesome book. i'm on chapter 9 now, just got past the part of his birth. it's super long, but i like it. 

I have been studying the Nov. Liahona too, all of the general conference talks. i realized that a lot of the talks were on our covenants and their importance. my favorite talks have been the ones givin in the general releif society meeting actually. they're way good. i encourage you all to read them as a family sometimes and learn from them. great sunday afternoon activity, after watching the browns matar la liga obviamente haha

Thanks for your help with the christmas presents. i know that everyone will really appreciate them. yeah, just send them to the mission address and they will be dispursed accordingly. no more transfers until the 31st, so dont worry! You can just do everything in english if you want, they're learning, so it'll be good practice. 

I found out that my comp knows Kevin Burgon and kaitlyn murphy from band at Utah State. crazy.

Also, hmm. i had something else to say but i forgot. 

anyways, i hope that you all have a great week and i'm excited to talk to you in 3 weeks! 

Elder Nielson

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