Wednesday, March 12, 2014

October 21, 2013

Wow, that memory book that you made for Grandma looks way cool. Turned out great. I'm sure it was worth the scrapbook tornado that Dad had to suffer through haha   I'm glad that your travels went smoothly and that you were able to have a good weekend there with the family. I was there in spirit, probably.
The pictures were sweet too. It was kind of hard for me to look at them, because when I opened them for some reason they only opened upside down. everyone here in the library was like "what on earth is that weird gringo doing with his head upside down looking at his computer screen"haha.. you know, gotta do what you gotta do. Greg's michigan shirt looked sweet. I gotta get me one of those. *hint hint*
This week was alright, it was kinda fuerte. We really dont have any investigators here. like at all. weeks go by really slow when you dont have actual things to do and you just have to try to find people. we're going to start working with the ward a lot. Here we feel like our job is to help rescue the ward. there are 284 people in our ward, and the last 2 weeks our attendance has been 33 and 31, respectively. the Area Plan for the Caribbean is to have 51% attendance in sacrament meeting i all of the wards in the area. So we only have to help bring back 110 people haha. gosh. this ward is dying. We're going to work really hard to try to help them come back.
 Spanish. yo he estado leyendo el libro de mormon en espanol cada dia y mi espanol esta mejorando cada dia. a veces me siento un poco frustrado aún, pero lo puedo ver mejorando. cada dia mi compañero me dice que yo hablo muy bien.  yo peudo hablar con la gente aqui solo y enseno bien tambien. estoy tratando de escanchar mi vocabulario, y a veces el Elder Castañeda me dice que yo uso palabras bien finos, y que el me esta asombrado haha.   ¡yo soy fino papá!   pues, hablamos espanol todo el dia, pero le estoy ayudando a mi compañero aprender ingles. es bien chevere cuando elder henao y elder galvez tratan de hablar ingles entre ellos haha.. estoy agradecido por las bendiciones que el Señor me da.
Our favorite word is zangolotear, which means to jiggle haha. we always yell ¡Zangolotéalo! and start doing the bernie dance haha. our district is way sick.
So last week i met a woman in our ward named Hna Mangual, and she invited us over to her house for lunch. while we were there she handed us a super old triple combination and wanted us to write our names in the back of it. she said that since the time she got baptized, she's had all the missionaries in her ward write their names in the back so she will remember them. I was looking at the names and i saw "Elder Tyrone Gibson - Salt Lake Utah"   I said Hey that was my dads companion (and my moms ex boyfriend, haha), do you know my dad?  She said Is your dad named elder Nielson too? I said yes, and she started crying. she said she remembers dad way back in the day. i'm going to try and take a picture with her this week and send it to you next week.. so thats makes me ask the question What part of Ponce did you serve in Dad? if it was Juana Diaz, i'm going to lose my mind haha. first guaynabo, then juana diaz. I know im going to find someone that you talked to forever ago and help them out, i just know it. But you should send me a picture of you when you were on your mission so i can whip it out and show people hah.
Anyways, that was the week. I hope this week goes better. i know it will.
Have a great week! Be safe! Love you! GO BROWNS!
Elder Nielson
p.s.  my butt cheeks hurt so freakin bad from my bike, oh my gosh. Oh, but, i can totally wheelie on my bike. when we pass little kids they all say "whelea, whelea!" so i had to learn how to do it. like a boss. hopefully i dont fall and break my sholder again. ;)

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