Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 7, 2014

Hey family.

Yesterday was dia de los Reyes, which is some random holiday they observe here because everyone is apostate and worships the three kings haha. anyways, today is our p day because of it.

anyways, my new area...

I'll be honest, this has been the longest, most frustrating week of my life. Tuesday, i get to Arroyo, get my stuff settled, and we go out to the branch presidents house fopr dinner. on the way home, i run over a 3 inch screw and my tire pops. awesome. now we're walking home. remember, tuesday was new years eve. we're almost home when i get a freakin firework thrown at me by some little homo. it hit me in the hand and exploded. so i burned my hand. awesome. then, wednesday morning, i get a call from the zone leaders. i'm thinking they're calling to tell me to come up to the office to pick up the car i was going to use here in arroyo and patillas. patillas is my area, and it's like 30 mins away in car. they didnt tell me that. they said "hey, so it has been decided that the puerto rico san juan mission will no longer be using cars OR bikes, everyone will be on foot. you have 6 weeks to sell/give away/throw away your bikes. by February, they need to be out of your houses. also elder nielson, president smartt wants you to be the district leader in arroyo. Have a good day."    Awesome. I went out and told the other elders i live with (2 argentinos and one salvadoreno) all of the stuff. they got PISSED and started talking bad about president, about the zone leaders, about me cause i'm a gringo and i'm their leader now...    seriously. so frustrating. all week they have just been whining and complaining about everything. then, thursday, i get out of the shower and they're listening to eminem super loud. are you kidding me? bad language flying here and there. what are the neighbors going to think about us? gosh. i told them that they shouldnt listen to it, but they dont listen to me. they listen to regaaeton (spanish rap) and bachata in the house too. Today for p day, they left the house in normal clothes, even though the rule is is you're going out in public on p day, it's missionary clothes.. one of them always calls me bad names in spanish, cause he thinks i dont understand. he always makes fun of me when i make a mistake in spanish and always calls me gringo. our brnach president asked us when we got to church on sunday, and we said at like 9:50. he didnt see us, so went out looking for us, thinking we were walking still. when he got back, we said yeah, ask elder brizuela, we got here before it started. Brizuela lied, telling him that we got to church a half hour late, so now the branch president thinks we're liars..its just been really frustrating. i dont know what i'm supposed to do. I have felt like crap all week because i feel responsible for them, and it seems like there isnt anything i can do. plus, i dont know anyone here and my area is 3 hours away on foot. i've got massive blisters on my feet too, which adds to the excitement. 

anyways, i dont mean to complain, but i needed to get that all off of my chest. it's definite;ly been a week, thts for sure. i really hope that things can pick up here and that they can start being more obedient. i'm just trying to be a good example and hopefully they will follow.

Anyways, i hope that you all have a good week! Congrats to everyone on their basketball success!

I love you all!!

Elder Nielson

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