Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February 10, 2014

haha the jesus statue! that's what i'm talking about. i love the half mormon/half catholic religion here in PR..

well, i didnt get transferred, i'll still be kickin it here in Arroyo/patillas for at least 6 more weeks! so send me all of the things! but, easter will be in the Nextransfer after this one, so dont get too excited with the easter stuff just yet.. haha :)  but, my comp is leaving though, he'll be going to Levittown, and i'll get my new comp, elder colmenares. he's from aregentina too. so i'll still be living with 4 latinos. yayyy spanish.. haha it's cool though. i basically can't speak english anymore. they ask me to speak english to help them learn, but i literally can't. i just think in spanish. it's dumb. writing emails is hard sometimes! like when i had my interview with president smartt, he probably thought i was half retarded because i couldnt speak english very well haha.. but yeah, total boricua over here.

so what else. only one day of school, huh? lazy bums... 

so i was thinking, march madness comes up pretty soon.. be sure to send me a bracket! but, make sure it's not a link or anything, just a picture of the bracket so i can beat you guys..  Go Lopers!

you guys are in 2 nephi 15? not bad! i'm in 2 nephi 27. just got passed all of the isaiah. i'm also reading the bible at the same time. i'm in Deuteronomy 25, i think.. mas o menos por alli.  and jesus the christ, chapter 26.. and the book of mormon in spanish.. and preach my gospel.. ahh! too much to study, not enough time haha

oh, i finished the book of mormon in spanish for the first time on tuesday! in just under a year. watch out for speed racer.. haha.. nah, in dominica i didnt read AT ALL in spanish. so i did it in, lets see, april 24-june 5, then oct 4-feb 4.. so in about 5 1/2 - 6 months.. it's true! if you read the book of mormon in another language, you'll be fluent by the time you finish! i'm gunna start in mandarin..

so garret wrote me today and told me that i'm famous in Chile haha. he said that he told his comp about me, like some of the shenanigans we pulled, and showed him a picture, and now he is pumped to meet me. his comp is from mexico, but is gunna go to byu. he also said that some other argentino in his district is the same way haha. so your boy isn't just the big boss in the Northern Hemisphere, he's world wide!

As you can see, i'm still working on humility..

But yeah, that's my life. oh, so yesterday in church one of the counselors in the branch presidency pulled us into his office during the 2nd hour and talked to us. He told us that some of the members had told him that we have Ipods and Ipads, and that we go to people houses to listen to music and watch movies, and that we even have girlfriends. well, not have girlfriends, but that we are flirting with girls and doing un-missionary like things. Seriously? yeah right. if i were doing those things, my life would be a lot easier! hah. he said that he is going to call president smartt and tattle on us today. we havent heard anything from president yet, so.. it's not true though, so no worries. sheesh. 

so if you want something cool to check out on youtube, look up "la obra misional y la expiacion" by jeffrey R holland/henry b eyring. in english it's "missionary work and the atonement". it's like 10 minutes long, but it's GOOD. i'm halfway done, but lik ein football, after halftime, the score is always 0-0. gotta give it your all, through all 4 quarters. the party comes afterwards... 

Love you all and hope that you have a great week! here are a couple pictures. The first is the sign that has the name of my area, Patillas, with two bullet holes.. Welcome to Puerto Rico! 


Elder Nielson 

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