Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February 3, 2014


ahh yeah son. the seahawks are so thug. peyton manning.. boooo haha

i thought that the super bowl was next sunday, until elder moore texted me during church and said "man, i'm more homesick for the super bowl than i was for christmas!"    and i was like "ahhh it's today!" haha. man, can't believe i missed the superbowl. sports, man. it's killin me. 

so this week went by pretty fast, but not much got done hah. for real, i dont understand how little we've got going for us here. we've been here for 5 weeks, and still NO ONE wants to listen to us. we go, contact people, set up a day to come back, come back, and they either ignore us or just straight up tell us to buzz off hah. sheesh. but nonetheless, we're doing what we can.

this week we had interviews with President smartt, in our apartments. that was a little nerve racking, but everything went well. even when you don't do anything wrong, it's still always a little nerve racking when the Big Boss comes to your house hah. my interview went well. the way that he does interviews is like this: we pray, and he says Alright, this is your interview. what do you want to talk about? if we have questions, we ask them, but if everything is cool, then we pray and that's it. my interview in november was about 30 seconds long haha. but this time, i came prepared. i had 6 deep doctrine type questions.. they were doozies. he answered all of them though. it was cool. he told me that he was impressed with me, and impressed with the types of questions i had. he said that he can see that my mind is focused on the things it needs to be focused on and that i'm switching my mind from thinking emotionally to thinking critically. he told me that this was an important attribute to develop. he said he knows that this area i'm in isnt easy, but he told me to just smile and keep doin what i'm doin. we can't fail when we're on the Lord's errand. we also talked about my patriarchal blessing, and he said that by how i described it to him, he thinks it sounds like an extraordinarily appropriate blessing and that there is no need to worry. when patriarchs get too specific in our blessings, it can rob us of agency. like if my blessing says "you will have 4 kids.."  what if i only want 1? or if i'm crazy enough to want 14? he said not to worry about it, and just trust in the lord that he gave me exactly what i need. Overall, at the end of the interview, he told me that he is proud of me and that he is impressed with my progress as a missionary. So all in all, it was a good interview!

so also, i started reading the Bible because i never have. this morning i finished numbers, and im starting Deuteronomy. i found out why Zach is the favored child in the family! Check out Leviticus 25:19. that explains it all!  but there is some weird stuff in the old testament..  check out numbers 23:22. Unicorns..

so elder mello called me again last night, and told me that Tina and Hailey are getting baptized this saturday! Ahh!  man, that means that now there were 9 people in dominica that i taught that got baptized! I miss dominica, and really hope that everything keeps going well there! it's things that that keep me going through the hard times here in Arroyo. I'm glad to see that the effort we give will make an impact at some point in time, whether it be now, or down the road. im glad that I have been able to the some of the fruits of my labors  here while i am still on my mission. 

anyways, i hope that everyone had a fun weekend, that every one has a safe week, and that you all continue to be good example to every one else!

Love you!

Elder Nielson 

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