Wednesday, March 12, 2014

January 20, 2014

Earthquake? HAHAHA i felt like there were a bunch of cindy nielson's running around out here this week. my gosh. everyone was freaking out, but no one felt a thing. greg has farts that measure more on the seismograph than this thing did..

So this week was pretty boring, i'll be honest. not much happened. actually, nothing happened haha. we just walked around all week and talked to people, no one wanted to listen, or we set appts, and went, but they weren't home, you know..  so yeah, hopefully this upcoming week will be more productive..

yeah, so about the music. we can listen to church stuff, instrumental stuff, stuff that's chill. i think i asked for the cd called the work, by nashville tribute band, but i already got the music for it haha. but yeah! some mo tab, or some john shmidt, or other stuff would be sweet!   but, dont send anything to the office anymore. since there isnt any way to go up to the office to get the mail, we're just gunna get stuff sent here to our houses. i'll get the information and let you know..

also, i hope that greg has a happy birthday this week! and happy birthday to grandma G as well!  Also, sunday is the anniversary of the greatest night of my life. Jan 26th, 2013, staples center, LA, 7:00pm. classic. then the next morning mom got all mad at me cause i didnt fill up the tank with gas hahah  

anything else.. crystal gets set apart tonight and leaves to mexico on wednesday! 
Garret turned 21 last week..
Emilee is asian..
i'm boricua. 
ya tu sabes que la que hay nene.

love you all! have a great week!

Elder Nielson

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