Wednesday, March 12, 2014

February 10, 2014

nah i havent gotten the boxes yet, any of them... i'm a little worried now haha. did it have a tracking number?

to be honest, i cant stand my new companion.. hah. but for real. these six weeks are gunna be really long..

nah, president didnt say anything to us. but i found out yesterday that Hno Alexis, the guy who accused us, went to Humacao and talked to PRESIDENT ALVARADO about us and told the other missionaries there that we are doing bad things. awesome, now all of puerto rico thinks we're chuecos. it's stupid. makes me really mad. its like, alright, if we have a problem, cool, we'll fix it. but dont go tell the whole world! .

but anyways, sorry for complaining! we're doing pretty good here. it's still super hot, still walking. we have zone conference tomorrow in Caguas, and we dont have anyone to take us! ahh! we need a freakin miracle. good think we're on the Lord's team out here..

in my studies i am now in the book of judges in the old testament, and i'm in Enos in the book of mormon. i wish i could just sit at home and read the book of mormon all day haha. it's a good one. 2 ne 29 is epic. 

how was valentines day? hope it was love-ly. ;)   i remembered the valentine greg made me last year in spanish.. "te amo, tu eres mi vida. puedo ver las estrellas in tus ojos. tu me completas" hahaha classic.

yesterday i had to play the hymns in sacrament meeting. woooh. didnt like that.. haha. i'm mad that i didnt listen to you and learn how to play the piano!

our air conditioner broke the other day. that sucked.. we live in a concrete oven. dad knows..

Yesterday in church i had to play the hymns. I didnt really want to, because i'm not that good at the piano, but i was able to do it alright. I played the first hymn fine, but the sacrament one i didnt know how to play. we just sang the song a capella. i felt kinda dumb for that, because i was sitting in front of everyone at the piano, but not playing. after the sacrament, i went and sat in the congregation, and thought to myself, "yeah, im not gunna play the final hymn, a capella sounded fine. I dont even play that well anyways." The second talk was given by hna Laboy. She got up and said "today i'm gunna talk about the importance of developing our talents. When we are given an opportunity to use our talents to serve others, we must do it, or our talents will be taken from us and given to someone else. It is crucial that we develop our talents the the Lord has given to us." Man, in my face hah. i thought, "Ahh alright, i might not be super good, but if i can serve the members here in the branch by playing the hymns, i'll do it." So i played the final hymn. Not a huge deal, but that had an impact on me this week. I had the opportunity to develop my talent before i came on the mission, but i didnt take advantage of my time. but now, when given the opportunity, i should take advantage of it and just give my best. That's all the lord asks of us, is to just do our best. Give it our all. Don't give up. 

 i feel like this year has gone by pretty fast, but at the same time it's gone by SO slow. i definitely miss you guys, a lot. i know that this is where the lord wants me to be. sometimes i feel bad because there are days when i have almost no desire whatsoever to be here. i start thinking about home, you guys, byu, my shoulder, friends, or other stuff like that. but there are also days when i'm really happy to be here too. i dont know what the purpose of all of my trials are, but i know that one day i will realize what i needed to learn from all of them. sometimes it seems like the lord needs me to learn a whole lot because he keeps throwin all these curveballs at me, but i'm really trying to trust him. its funny, i teach the importance of having faith and trusting in the lord, and sometimes it's hard for even me to do that. i'm really trying though.  i'm learning a lot here and hope i'm making more good than i am making mistakes, because i'm making a whole load of them. sometimes i feel like i dont know whats going on, or sometimes i feel totally lost, but what always helps keep me going is when i remember that i am a child of god, and he has sent me here, has given me an earthly home, with parents kind and dear. He's helping me, guiding me, walking beside me, helping me to find the way, teaching me all that i must do to live with Him someday. i know i'm blessed and know that he loves me. He loves you too. always remember. 

I love you guys more than you think. i'm motivated by you guys. the harder i work, the faster time goes, and the faster i come home. Keep being the great examples you are to me and to the rest of the world. You will see the blessing from it, whether its now or later...

Con mucho carino y amor,


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