Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I Love My Dad!

Hey Dad, heard that you had to go out of time super early today. Just wanted to let you know that i was thinking of you and that I love you! I was thinking the other day how sweet it would be to have a kid and how awesome it would be to have him tell me that he loves me. I know i'm a punk most of the time, and i tease you more than you deserve, but it's for sure because I love you. Thank you for your support and all of your help that you have given me throughout my life. Even when you had to put up with me puking on you, using all your gas in your car on the weekends, and having to pay for my super expensive sleep away camp :)  haha    but for real, Thanks. This last week yo cumplĂ­ 8 months here as a missionary, and I was thinking about you a lot. Being out here is super hard at times. Sometimes i just want to beat my head against the wall and yell in frustration. When I wake up to freakin mosquito bites all over my body, when i'm sweating as soon as i get out of the shower, when someone is talking to me and i don't understand them, getting straight up ignored all the time, biking up a massive mountain... it's tough. But I know that it's for a purpose.I loved in general conference when Jeffrey R holland said "even the savior asked to have his burdens taken away from him. BUT, he said not my will, but thine, be done. If you find yourselves in difficult situations and the cup doesn't pass, DRINK IT." I know that our heavelny father loves us more than we can imagine and that he wants us to be happy. he expects us to do our best and give our all, but he also knows that we have diffuculties and hardships that can prevent us from doing what we think is His will, but in actuality it helps us to better accomplish his purposes. I know that you were called to serve a mission here in Puerto Rico and that something prevented you from being able to complete the full two years. Think of the blessings that came from that though. you married mom, had some legit kids, and now have one of them on a mission. In your patriachal blessing it says that you will have the opportunity to have your owl little heavenly kingdom on the earth. I know that that has happened. Our family is super chĂ©vere, for real. i wouldnt want anyone else. 

Anyways, i hope that you'll be safe and that those tornadoes don't cause any problems for you guys. Te amo papi. Espero que te vayas bien♥


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