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September 23, 2013

President Smartt,
This week was great. Elder Mello and I didn’t have the truck, so we were on foot. We were able to visit a lot of people and get some good sun too.
                Helen and her two children, Masika and Kluivert, were able to some to all of the activities this week, and also came to church. Their baptismal date is for the 12th of Oct. On Friday night, Helen was asking us some questions that were a little hard to answer. She was asking us what is meant by things in Revelation regarding the 144,000 people sealed in heaven, among other questions. We found out that her questions were coming because she was studying a book that was given to her by a Jehovah Witness. That book had some different teachings in it that the things that we were teaching her. By the end of the lesson, we bore our testimony on the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and promised that if she read that night, and prayed about it, she would receive an answer. We also encouraged her to stop reading the other book, because we know that it isn’t true. The next morning in church, we asked her if she had read and prayed, and she said yes. She said that while she was doing so, she felt really peaceful and happy. We told her that those are the fruits of the spirit and asked her is she thought that that was her answer. She got really happy and said Yes.  It was a great experience for us to see the power of Moroni’s promise in the Book of Mormon. Preach my Gospel says that we need to trust that “remarkable promise” and do everything we can to get our investigators to follow his counsel. It was a good sight to see her prayers answered.
                Deltin is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday. We went to his dad’s house to get the baptismal record signed and his dad was not happy. He was mad that Deltin wanted to be baptized in the “Mormon church.” He said that he needed to talk to Deltin in private before he gave his answer. You could tell that deltin was disappointed. While we were leaving, we asked: Do you know that the book of Mormon is true?  He answered in the affirmative, and said that his prayers had been answered. He knows tht the book of momon is true and that the church is true. WE told him that he just needs to bear his testimony to his dad and to have faith. When we got home, I started a fast for him. The sons of mosiah “fasted and prayed oft,” and they had great success. I knew that if I fasted, Deltin would be blessed. This morning, we got a call from deltin saying that he got the permission to be baptized! I was so happy. I know that the Lord is mindful of all of us and that he truly does answer our prayers. I have a strong testimony of that, and am grateful for that knowledge I have. I’m grateful to see the Lords hand in my life, and in the life of others. It all comes down to obedience, and as we know from the scriptures, all blessings come from obedience to god’s laws. I know that’s true, and I say that in the name of jesus Christ, amen.
Alright, well this week was good. we were on foot, so it was long. and, as always, super hot. we had to walk to freakin Narnia the other day. it was raining too, so that was fun. 
we met one of pinky's sisters here in Roseau the other day. her and her daughter, hailey. hailey is way cool. she's like 10 and wants to be baptized. tina wants to as well, but she works as a nurse in the hospital and works on sundays a lot. we set a goal, though, to be baptized  on Nov. 2. they accepted and we'll do everything thing we can to get them ready.
while we were looking for their house yesterday, I had to stop and ask someone. I asked the first guy I saw: "hey, do you know where Tina and Hailey live?"    The guy got super mad and said "Whoa white boy. I got a gun, you better back the **** up before I shoot you!"    I just looked him in the face and said "Just tell me where they live."   I totally felt like Abinadi (mosiah 13). I wasn't scared at all, strangely. in the end, he told me where they lived haha. Gosh. as we were leaving, he yelled "go back to America you white piece of ****, white motha ******..."     My goodness. I pictured greg popping out of the bush and doing the calm down hand mothion right in his face haha.. gotta love dominica.
on the other hand, we went back to scotts head today, and I met the coolest guy ever. his name was stan. he called us over, and we all felt like we probably shouldn't, but we went over there. he said "welcome to my island! I hope you love it while you're here! Here, take some of this my brotha, I insist!"  He offered me a hit of the largest blunt I have ever seen haha. seriously, it was the size of a Crayola marker. it was hilarious. I just told him that I had to drive, so he should just enjoy it haha. man classic stan, love that guy.
well, crystal got her mission call this week! she's going to Mexico City. She leaves the 22nd of January.
hmm what else. not too much else. jonathan got baptized on Saturday. I taught him in Portsmouth. He's 18. from what the other elders have told us, it was a sweet baptism.  I've got my own coming up this Saturday though! ahh yeah son
also, i told you guys I was going to win the pick em challenge!  BALL SO HARD.
i hope dad doesn't feel like too much of a big shot for meeting Obama..
Anyways, I hope everyone has a great week!  
Que se vaya bien!

Elder Nielson

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