Wednesday, March 12, 2014

October 7, 2013

Alright. I don't have a ton of time. And I have a lot of things running through my brain. I'll try my best.
First, I'm really glad to hear that mom is okay. I had kind of a weird feeling all this week because of that. I know you didn't "forget" me, but I figured that since I didn't get an email that you weren't feeling too hot. Sounds like it could've been scary, but im glad that it was too serious. I mean, surgery is serious, but the whole cancer thing and what not. I feel your pain. Surgery isn't fun, but it gets better..
It was kind of ironic that you had stomach pains this week, because I also did. This Wednesday was one of the most miserable days of my life. Tuesday night, when I lied down to go to bed, my stomach all of a sudden started wrenching like crazy. it was such a sudden reaction, and Elder Mello didn't believe me at first. I had to go into the bathroom, but that didn't help. I woke up every 20 mins during the night, and had to keep going back to the bathroom. in the morning, I went in and threw up 3 times. 3 separate times. elder mello told me to just rest until our apt we had at 2 in the afternoon. I went in and lied down and tried to sleep. I definitely couldn't. I threw up a couple more times during that time. I didn't feel 100% until Thursday. it was awful. I think that I drank bad water and that was the cause of the reaction. gosh, that was terrible. Im good now though, no worries.
Second, Thanks for all of the pictures. I love getting pictures, that's better than letters it seems like. Greg looks like a stud. I loved the nerd outfits. Bow tie swag. I'm excited to get me like 15 bow ties when I get home.
Third, to be honest, sounds like night of the PHAG. haha sorry if that was too much. had to be said. rock chalk gay hawk.
Alright, well I found out last night that im being transferred back to puerto rico tomorrow. I'll be going to a place called Juana Dillas, which is in the Ponce area. Looks like im following in the footsteps of my old man for the second time. My new comp will be Elder Henao (pronounced a-now), form Columbia. He doesn't speak a word of English, so im going to have to completely transform my mind into Spanish tomorrow. my head is going to be pretty sore hah. im excited though. well, excited and disappointed. There is a ton of good stuff happening here and I really don't want to leave it behind. plus, I love being elder mellos companion, we work so well together. But sometimes we're called to do things we don't totally understand, but it's for a wiser purpose than we know. I heard something the other day I really liked. We're like stones in a river. at first, we're jagged around the edges. we get tossed into a rushing river, getting thrown to and fro, with no end in sight. it seems like theres nothing we can do to help ourselves. Luckily, there is someone who comes and picks the rock (us) out of the river (the Savior). What does a river stone ALWAYS look like when you pick it up? its always shiny and smooth. all of the rough edges have been taken away. that's the same as us. We go through things to strengthen us, to refine us. After the fire, what are we going to be? The silver or the dross?  It's up to us. Jeffrey R Holland said it best this weekend. "If the bitter cup isn't going to pass, DRINK IT."   Amen.  
I love you all and I hope to have more time next week. I have to go back and have a FHE with our investigators, finish packing, and drive to Portsmouth tonight. Feel better mom. I hope you felt my prayers this week. Elder Mello and I both prayed for you ina ll of our prayers. I really do care and miss all of you.
Until next week.
Elder Nielson

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