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September 30, 2013

President Smartt,
                This week went by really fast. Every day we had something great happen, starting with Monday. Sister Joseph invited one of our investigator family’s to have a Family Home Evening on Monday. It went great. We were able to have Helen, Masika, Kluivert, and Deltin all there. At the end of the lesson, we played jeopardy, with the categories being the restoration, the plan of salvation, and the Book of Mormon. All of our investigators were answering the questions really well. They knew a LOT! It was really fun to see them being confident in the things that they have been learning about.
                On Tuesday, we found a woman while contacting. She told us that she has been having a lot of doubts about religion, because everyone is teaching different things. We shared the message of the restoration with her, and afterwards she started crying and told us that she had been praying to God to have him send somebody to her to help her know the truth. She accepted a Book of Mormon and said she would read and pray about it.
                We also found a Spanish speaking woman named Zurisadi from Venezuela this week. We taught her and her husband, Edward, lesson 1 and they really enjoyed and understood it. Zurisadi came to church with us on Sunday as well. They are excited for General Conference because they want to hear the Prophet speak. I know that will be a big help for them if they come.
                Deltin didn’t end up getting baptized this week, because of problems with his parents. They didn’t sign the baptismal record. We could tell that he is a little bummed out, but we’re encouraging him to keep coming to church and activities with us and that the Lord knows the desires of his heart. We asked him if he has been reading the Book of Mormon at all, and he said that he has almost finished it. We met him less than a month ago, and he has almost read the whole thing. Deltin is ready, but now we just need to trust in the Lord’s timing.
                Helen and her family are doing well also. The issue with Helen, however, is that her children’s father is planning on moving in with her soon. She doesn’t know when he’s coming though. We asked her if there were a possibility of them getting married, and she said yes, but again, she doesn’t know when that would happen. So the issue is we don’t want her to get baptized on the 12th and then have Michael move in after, without them getting married, because we don’t want any Law of Chastity issues after her baptism. Her children are still planning on getting baptized on the 12th, so Helen might just wait until after she and Michael get baptized. We still need to figure that out this week, but that is the concern.    
Anyways, this week was great and I look forward for the week to come.

Elder Nielson

Alright, i've got 13 minutes. time to go turbo.

so on saturday we went up to portsmouth to a baptism. Velkee (60's) and Scarlett (her 9 yr old granddaughter). I was teaching them when i was there. they didnt think we would be at the baptism, but when i showed up, scarlett yelled "ELDER NIELSON, YOU CAME!!" and ran up and gave me a huge hug. It was such an awesome experience. I love going to their baptism. They're way solid.
I lost 6 pounds last week. just in one week. i'm melting. it's october and still 100 degrees everyday. goshhhhhhhhh.
I'm sorry to hear about mom not feeling too good. Get better soon! i dont feel too bad about greg getting hit in the face, im sure he deserved it.
Today we went on a cool hike. didnt get to the place we wanted. kind of a long story. i'll share more later.
I'm SO pumped for general conference. it's crazy that this will be my second GC as a missionary. 
we had a grand total of 14 people at church this sunday. yay.
My spanish is still bad.
my englsih is still good.
i think im going back to puerto rico in november
Show em who's boss dad.
Brigham young is definitely the coolest prophet ever. i realized that this week

Gotta go.

Feel better, and love you!

Elder Nielson

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