Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 6, 2013

Ahh awesome. I haven't had a chance to go to the office yet to pick up mail but i'm sure it's there. Thanks! 

I can't believe Emilee told you about freeway running haha. That was a experience, that's for sure. I'll have to tell you the whole story later, but because of that I didnt want to be friends with garret. That was right when we moved there and I was like "who does this fool think he is, wanting me to run across the freeway.. I'm gunna stay away from that guy.."   haha so classic.

Well, thsi is the last ime i'll talk to you in California huh.. Well enjoy your last week! Kansas will be sick. also, for this weekend. I dont know dads skype name so I cant call him. also, i dont know what time or anything this is going to go down. I got an email that said that it can be anytime on sunday, but i dont know when we are planning on doing it. Just be alert all day on sunday. our church is from 9 to 12 here, so probably after then. We'll figure it out though, worst comes to worst i'll just have to talk to you on the phone.

Dad was in Guaynabo? Awesome! That's where i'm at now. The mission home is here and President Alvarado is actually in my ward. yeah, crazy.

So im sorry these are super short, but i have like no time to write. plus I have to write a letter to president first so all my time goes there. then i have to read all the emails and then try to respond. I'm doing my best, but i'm just a man haha

Thanks for everything though and keep strengthening your testimonies! I can feel your prayers. Also, apparently i am supposed to ask you to send me information on some boat compass thing, idk. I dont even know what it's called. my comp keeps saying it in spanish and I have no idea what he's saying so yeah. im just pretending to ask you now...

Read Mosiah 1-5 as a family, it's king benjamins speech. It's way awesome.

Happy Birthday shout out to whitney!

Talk to you sunday!
Elder Nielson

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