Sunday, June 16, 2013

May 13, 2013

My debit card says that is expires in April, so im not sure.. I used it the other day though and it worked. But yeah, this week will be fine. I will mail that paper back you you next monday.

It was totally awesome to get to talk to you yesterday. I dont have much to say today since we said it all yesterday hah. Be safe this week getting to Kansas. I'm always thinking of you and love you tons.

Also, i saw a guy today that looked exactly like a puerto rican austin dyer.

Love ya! 
Elder Nielson

Yeah we try to keep a happy attitude because it would be absolutely miserable is we were wet and mad at the same time hah. Everytime something bad happens, elder Fournier says "you know how this is called? Missionary work." haha. it's so true. it's just part of it.

"Tengo gozo in mi alma hoy.." that's the hymn we always sing.

Love you tons Dad

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