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April 29, 2013

Indian Springs Running Waters ward? HAHAHAHA That's so classic. I'm sorry, Greg. D&C 121:7-8

Anyways, buenas from Puerto Rico! I am sitting in some random library in Bayamón. The library by our apt is closed so we're way out here. I'll get to all of that in a minute though. First, a recap since i've last emailed you...

So, my last friday in the MTC I went out with the Elders in santo domingo again. I got paired up with Reyes and Ogando for the second straight week. I love those guys. Anyways, it was super hot and I was sweating super bad. I had to fart and when I did, poop started coming out. I was able to stop it, but damage had already been done. This was at about 4:30 in the afternoon. When we got back to the MTC at 8:30, i had to go up and clean. I took the most PAINFUL shower of my life, oh my gosh. I was like raw. Ouch. Elder Foote (Sister gill knows him) saved the day though and hooked me up with some anti monkey butt powder. I had to retire my shorts too. Yikes. The funniest part though was that everyone I told congratulated me haha. they said that you're not a real missionary until you work so hard that you poop your pants. Felicidades! they all said. I was flattered. glad i got that outta the way early on in my mission...

Sunday we watched the restoration again. have you guys watched it yet? Ahh it's so good. Not the 20 minute missionary one, but the hour long one. WATCH IT. I get so pumped everytime I do. 

Tuesday was the big day. We left for the airport at 9 am and got to PR at like 1 ish. we went to the San Juan Stake center and got our new companions. Mine is named Elder Fornier. I liked him from the beginning because he said its pronounced For-nee-er, not for-nee-aye like the french would say. YES. French people are the worst. Anyways, he's from here in Toa Alta, PR.  We went out and worked right away. Our area is called Guaynabo. We're both new to the area and dont know anything about it. It's a slow process but we're working on it. 

wednesday was orientation and then we went to the mission home for lunch and interviews. my interview was awesome. I wrote down what he told me, but im running out of time so i cant write it all. I wrote it in my journal though, so you'll be able to read that when I fill it up.. 

Anyways, I'll write more next week. Couple things though: 
1. i forgot to bring my patriarchal blessing. It's buried away deep in one of my totes. Can you request a copy of it and mail it to me? Also, President told me to have dad send me a copy of his. After i told him about Dad being here, he told me that he was supposed to be here for longer and that If I read his PB I would see the blessings of a mission in it. Can you do that? i know it's kind of a weird request but I would really appreciate it.
2. My spanish is still really limited, it's frustrating. I'm working hard though. I like that mom talked a lot about diligence. I had to give a sunday school lesson on that my last sunday at the MTC. Mosiah 4:27 is my favorite verse about it. Win the Prize.
3. I studied Charity yesterday during personal study. Look up 1 Corinthians 13 and moroni 7:45-48. without charity, we are nothing.
4. Dad, will you send me EVERYTHING you remember about your mission? Areas you served, people you remember, misison president, everything. President was really interested and told me that my homework was to find out as much as I can about your mission. And get your patriarchal blessing. AND memorize d&c 121:34-46. Yeah, 13 verses. I'm about half way done.
5. read the book of mormon every day. Just do it. everyone says we should, i know, and i know its hard, but find some time to read it. Im at the point now where I am craving it. I want to read it so bad all the time, but here i dont have enough time. It's so awesome. every single verse is important. you're going to be amazed when you see my scriptures when i get back. they look awesome.

Anyways, love you guys and keep the faith! Good luck with everything! oh, mom send stuff to the "Urb. Jardines de..." address. thats the office. thanks!

Elder Nielson

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