Sunday, June 16, 2013

June 3, 2013

Buenas muchachos

My debit card got here this morning, so if you could activate it pronto that would be legit. Gracias. Also, my new bike should be here tomorrow so i'll have to pay for that soon, so if you could just make sure theres enough dinero in my checkings account for that I would appreciate that.

Alright, week 12. This week was pretty good. I didnt get robbed, so that was nice. I did, however, have a ton of problems with my "new" bike this week. they gave me some crappy loaner bike and the tire wouldnt stay inflated so I had to get a new one. that one also sucked. I went through 4 loaner bikes his week because they kept breaking. It was ridiculous. I cant wait to just get my new bike and be done with the problems. It was pretty frustrating have to walk my bike around all day since Guaynabo is huge. Either that or I would have to call me zone leaders and bug them about it. Hah goodness, they hate me. But also, they're awesome. Elder Gardner shreds the piano like no other and elder caballero is from panama, so thats cool too. Speaking of piano, I have been learning some new hymns when i have a couple minutes to sit down at a piano at the church. I can totally play like 7 hymns now. Nearer my god to thee, sweet hour of prayer, let the holy spirit guide, how gentle gods commands, Be still my soul, come follow me, and he is risen. ahh yeah. if i had a keyboard in my apt i think that i might be able to get pretty good at the piano. Greg and zach, learn how to play. I was the first one to say, "nah, thats lame." but now i wish i could play so bad. i'm for sure going to practice when i get home. kinda late now though. if you can play for your mission it would be legit. i hate having to say it, but mom was right...

speaking of music, people here just blare/blair (i have no idea how to spell that) music super loud here and i've been hearing some new songs. theres one that im sure is on the radio there. not sure what its called, but the chorus says "when you want it come and get it.."  i dont know. i feel like i would hate it if i were at home but everytime its on here i start bumpin to it haha. also, some new song by fun with a girl singing too, i think its pink? idk. i dont like it, but i hear it a lot.  also, greg, look up tommy torres. hes a puerto rican guy and hes way good. its in spanish oviously but his stuff is cool, i think you'd like it. his best songs are "tarde o temprano" and "desde hoy".. also, could you burn me a couple cds with the music from ? we can listen to it. check out "glorious" by russ dixon. its way good. another cd i would like is called The Work by Nashville Tribute Band. Its got good missionary songs on it. You guys would like it too. That would be way cool if you could send me that music. thanks! oh last thing for greg. I saw a SICK ford transit that was all blacked out and had the decepticon icon from transformers on the back. it was so legit haha

what else. well. jorge wasnt baptized last night because he still hasnt separated wiht his "girlfriend." He is still trying to find a place to move to. however, i learned that if you help teach an investigator and they get baptized then it counts as a baptism for you, so that means I have two! Yadiel and José got baptized this week. Yadiel is 9 and josé is like 45 ish. they were the AP's investigators but while they were over at the islands for a week, we took over their stuff and taught them. They're super cool. We got to go to Yadiels baptism, but not José's. he got baptized in Ponce, because his girlfriend Wanda lives there. But yeah, whoo hoo! 

I'm way glad to hear that you guys are having scripture study together. Little things like that can make a difference. I LOVE the scriptures now. before, i knew they were true and were important and all that jazz, but now i have a craving to read the book of mormon. The book of alma is so legit. its such an awesome story. Alma and Amulek, total bosses. Alma 14 is so sick. Sons of mosiah, especially Ammon, total bosses. Captain moroni? oh my gosh, captain moroni was literally the most legit person to ever walk the earth. I get so pumped when i read aboput him. Keep reading together. use your real scriptures too, and mark important verses to you. they're way more meaningful than on your ipods. tell me about what you learn throughout the week too, it helps you remember what you learn if you teach someone else about it. I want to hear about it! 

Anyways, im outta time. Did greg go to pitt state, like in Philadelphia? Have greg send me the details. i wanna hear all about it. Whit too, let me know how softball is going. zach, keep talking back to everyone. it's funny.

Love you all!
Elder Nielson

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