Monday, June 17, 2013

June 17, 2013

Alright. Well, im alive so that's good! hah thanks for all the letters this week. it was a better week, probably just because i got a week under my belt. just had to adjust.
Well theres a guy here named pinky dread who was baptized last december. his whole family is now baptized except for his wife, francilia. yesterday we had an awesome lesson with her and invited her to be baptized. she accepted and is praying about july 6th. she is battling some serious weed and alcohol addictions. pray for her. she comes to church every week, she knows its true, she just has to overcome that..
The branch here is really awesome actually. All the students are only a few years older than we are so its been easy to connect with them and get them to trust us. Our ward mission leader, steven, is way awesonme too. he helps us a lot. we anticipate to have at least 2 more baptismal dates this week. Keep dominica in your prayers!

hah yeah we figured it out. we're definitely not eating much, but we're not starving. everything is ridiculously expensive here. we spent 53 US dollars on almost nothing the other day.. i saw a bat last night, it was pretty huge. here we worry about cockroaches and crabs. big ol land crabs that live all over here

there were elder here but they didnt do anything. they were both super trunky. the members didnt like them much. they love us though, and we love them

nah, i dont feel sick, i just always have crazy headaches from the sun. im losing weight too. i've lost almost 15 pounds in the last 2 weeks.

oh, and i read the whole book of mormon in 11 days. im ashamed to say it, but thats the first time i've ever read it all the way through, cover to cover. better late than never i guess

I hope yesterday was an awesome fathers day for you dad. You deserve it. i missed you like crazy during church yesterday when everyone was talking about their own dads. they kept saying that their dad was the best dad ever, but they were totally wrong. they obviously havent ever met you.

June 16, 2013

He wakes up bright and early
each and every morning,
after having spaz attacks
at night when he stops snoring

He poops for about 25 minutes
laces up his orange Nike shoes,
walks like 57 miles
then comes home and eats some nasty medifast brownie goo

I know it isnt easy
i've done it once before
medifast isnt for the faint of heart
it always leaves you wanting more

he's stickin to it though
he does it without complaint
looks like it's been worth it too
he's lookin svelte and quaint

the mission is a good diet too
you cant just stuff your face
but the nourishment lacking physically?
spiritual food takes its place

when we were little, i remember,
he would hug us like a bear
now that we're older, greg and I
are jealous of his freakin legit facial hair

he puts up with a lot of crap at work
in his own words "puts up with douches"
he does it because he loves us though
so we can wear our Nike swooshes

sometimes hes a sneaky one
moves around quickly like a lizard
sometimes it really freaks me out
my gosh, i swear hes a wizard

hes not very good at xbox
the playstation or the wii
but he's always down to shut you up
in Risk or Monopoly

he comes to every football game
basketball and softball tournament
he always cheers real loudly
much to my moms embarrassment

he play the violin quite well
and sings like a total stud
when the ward finds out and asks him to perform
all he thinks is "ah crud."

he thinks hes cool and cheers for utah
i know, it makes no sense
luckily for all of us
we're given the gift of repentance

one time we saw a Chrysler
he swore it was a bentley
i called him a big ol dork
and laughed at him, and not gently

we watched weird shows on tv
like ax men and ice road truckers
when a new season come out he becomes
so happy his rear end puckers

and the toilet paper thing?
ah, dont even get him started
if you forget this simple act
you'd think world war III had just started

he leads his family faithfully
he hearkens to the spirit
he taught me how to live worthy of it
he taught me how to hear it

i wasnt always honest with him
for that i have regret
im super lucky though
he knows how to forgive and forget

i always thought i knew more than him
though "he doesnt know what hes talking about"
when my "wisdom" got me into trouble though
he was always there to bail me out

he taught me to respect my mother
always esteem her as #1
this is a lesson i took to heart
and will one day teach my son

20 years ago and today the same
Puerto Rico san juan was the word
this great blessing we have in common
we were both called to serve

he wrote me a letter at the mtc
one i'll never forget
he told me he was proud of me;
i teared up a little bit

my life is still beginning
i've got lots to do before its done
but no matter what i do in life
i always want to be worthy of the the phrase "i'm proud to call you my son"

we dont get to talk on fathers day
i think its a bunch of baloney
i think we should be able to skype
or at least talk on the phone-y

because a father is a special gift
one that should always be cherished
i'll build a good relationship now
that'll continue after we've perished

i miss you dad, but dont you worry
im being good, not naughty
i'll be home in about 21 months

I love you guys tons and know that the Lord is mindful of you. Have a great week!    Elder Nielson

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