Tuesday, April 9, 2013

April 4, 2013

Hey guys!
        This week was a quick one! Seem slike just yesterday I was writing you. Our easter here was alright. People don't celebrate "Easter" here, but they do celebrate Semana Santa, or holy week. The whole week is a holiday. We just had our normal sunday activities, but it was good. For conference we are going to watch it here. I'm excited for it though!
       Well that package still hasnt gotten here. Moore and Duncan both got a package, so I'm stil hopeful. If it doesnt come though, I'll be eternally upset that I didnt get Andy's letter... just kidding. It'll be fine. We'll see. But anyways, Glad to hear your trip was fun! That house looks pretty nice. The lake thing is cool.
       Uhhh so not a lot of stuff happened this week. Last night was fun though. So Elder Glover made a tazer out of a disposable camera and we all took turns getting tazed. We all did it in our arms first, then we all joined hands in a circle and tried to make the charge go though all of us. It totally did. Then, things got interesting. I decided to let him taze me in the bare butt cheecks. I don't think anyone has pelvic thrusted faster or more intensely than I did last night haha. It was ridiculous. 
It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Also, a couple nights ago, Elder Duncan amazed us all by letting Moore hit him in the leg with his belt and a wooden stick as hard as he could. He later told us that he has spinal cord damage from a car crash that he was in when he was 12, so he can’t feel anything in his leg. I was intrigued, obviously, and wanted to know how bad it actually felt. It was not a great feeling, that’s for sure. So needless to say, I’m learning a lot here.

This was a good week in regards to our investigators though. Moore and I committed José to baptism and Carla is coming with us to church on Sunday. Hopefully we don’t screw it up.  Our Spanish is getting better too. I think you were right when you said that I was being hard on myself, but I just really want to learn faster.  I am studying ahead on my own and trying to get teachers here to talk to me so I can practice on my conversational Spanish. They all say “wow, you know a lot of Spanish!” but I still don’t feel like I do. I wish I felt proud of myself but I really don’t hah. I feel like I can always do better.

Oh, so did you get a chance to check out our family tree thing and see if you could find sister stirland? Mary McKay Stirland is her grandma, and Bessie James McKay is her great great grandma. Let me know!

So I showed the guys here “See the Mighty Priesthood Gathered” on lds.org and they all love it. I try to listen to it as often as I can. It makes me remember my farewell, but it also is just a way good song. That, Hope of Israel, and Rise Up, O Men of God are my favorite hymns right now for sure. They get me pumped every time that I listen to them. Also, apparently I have a good voice because I have sang in like 3 special musical numbers so far. I liked singing yo sé que vive mi señor and He is risen a lot for easter. Awesome songs.

 Ever since I got here, I have been having CRAZY dreams. They are so awesome. I am excited to go to bed and hopefully wake up with a story to tell. I have noticed too that I don’t have a cool dream unless I get to bed on time. It must be a reward or something for my obedience, who knows..

So Foote and Glover bought some nasty looking mangos at the store the other week and ate them without washing them like we have been instructed to do so we don’t get sick. On Saturday morning Foote woke up and looked like he was about to die. He was throwing up and crapping himself all over the place. We assume that he got some bug from the mangos. He was deathly ill until Tuesday morning. On Sunday he asked me to give him a blessing and as soon as I said amen he was in the bathroom throwing up again. It was nasty. Our room smells terrible now haha. That guys a trooper for sure.

Hmm what else.. Ever since I got here I have been learning a lot about “humility” and boy oh boy that sucks hah. I was such a prideful person before I got here. It would’ve been much better had I been humble before the Lord had to humble me like it says in the scriptures. Every talk I read, every devotional I watch, everything I study, it seem like I always take notes on humility. A few times in class too I have just been dumbfounded and literally had no words to say. Humbling experiences aren’t fun to go through, but the lessons you learn after them are amazing. I like how you were talking about a trial of your faith because that is exactly what it is. With faith everything is possible. Don’t be prideful. Read President Bensons talk called “beware of Pride” from about 20 yrs ago. Make it a goal to be less prideful and I promise life will be happier and the spirit will be in your life more often. It is amazing that we have the gift of the Holy Ghost In our lives and I feel like we take it for granted. Life is happier and way less stressful as long as you have the spirit with you. Also, be grateful for the things that you have. I wasn’t very grateful for the awesome things we have and are able to do just because we live in America. This is my challenge to you: At night when you are saying your personal prayers, get down on your knees and list off all of the things you are grateful for. I did it the other night and I can tell you that if you do it and Sincerely think about ALL of the things you are grateful for, it will take you like 20 minutes. Seriously. Don’t ask for anything, just express sincere gratitude, you’ll be amazed.

Anyways, keep up the good work and finish school strong. Also, tell whitney greg and zach to email me! What the heck, it’s like I’m chopped liver or something. I gotta get my clippers updates and I gotta know all about march madness and that stuff. I love them all and hope they can feel my prayers for them.

Antes de terminar, yo quiero compartir mi testimonio con ustedes. Yo se que la iglesia de jesucristo de los santos de los ultimos dias es verdadera. Yo se que jesucristo es mi Salvador y nos ama mucho. Jose smith fue un profeta de Dios y por medio jose sith, jesucristo restauro su evangelio en la tierra. El poder del Sacerdocio es verdad. Si nosotros tengamos fe, podemos hacer todas las cosas. Familias pueden ser eternas. La obra misional es ordenado de Dios. Estoy agradecido por mi oportunidad a server un mission por mi Salvador. Yo se que tenemos un profeta que esta viviendo en la tierra hoy, y su nombre es Thomas S Monson.  El libro de Mormon es la palabra de dios y necesitamos leerlo todos los dias! Yo les amo mucho, en el nombre de jesudristo, amen.

Have a great week and hearken to the prophets voice!   Elder Nielson 

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