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April 23, 2013

23 Apr 2013

Dear Brother and Sister Nielson
24556 Calle San Vicente
Murrieta, CA 92562

Dear Dear Brother and Sister Nielson,

Sister Alvarado and I were happy to personally greet Elder Nielson when he arrived in
Puerto Rico. Attached you will find a picture of him with us.

I'm pleased to report he and his companion, who was prayerfully selected especially for
him, have already begun to work together. As two missionaries labor together in this
great work they bless one another's lives. They both grow as a result of their individual
strengths and differences. I trust they will develop a friendship that will last a lifetime.
Missionary work is intense, as you may know. It can be both physically and emotionally
demanding. Your son will be a part of miracles in the lives of those he finds and
teaches. He will come to love the work and the people. He will grow in unimaginable
ways. I love watching that development process as it occurs over the entire length of the

Please write your son regularly. Missionaries love to receive mail! Your letters can be
a source of great motivation and encouragement. We have asked him to write home
faithfully every week. His correspondence with you and other members of your immediate
family can be via e-mail, if that is your desire. However, he has been asked to limit
correspondence with friends and extended family and to do so only via regular mail.
I recognize it may be a sacrifice to support your son on this mission, but I want you to
know how grateful I am to be serving with him . If you have questions or concerns, you
may call the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission Office.


Jorge M. Alvarado
President, Puerto Rico San Juan Mission

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