Friday, April 19, 2013

April 18, 2013

Que lo que! (Dominican slang for What’s up!)
Thanks for all of the emails this week! Thursday morning is always the best when I get to print out all my emails and read them before going to the temple. This is my last P day in the CCM though! Next p day will totally be in Puerto Rico. Tomorrow we go out with the missionaries here in the Santo Domingo mission all day, Monday is in-field orientation all day, then we fly out Tuesday morning.  We’re really antsy to get outta here, but we’re sure that as soon as we get out into the field we’ll want to be back in the CCM haha. But after last Fridays experience we’re pumped to get outta here.
So last Friday we went out into the field and actually were missionaries. I got paired up with Elder Reyes and Elder Ogando. Reyes is from Guatamala and no lie he’s pushing 400 pounds. He is MASSIVE. Ogando is from Santiago, here in the DR. EVERYONE but us had appointments and lessons to go teach, but literally had nothing to do all day so we tracted. All Day. Remember that it’s 90+ degrees here and 100% humidity. It was so miserable haha. Plus, the humidity here has stretched out my leather shoes and now they are too big for me, so I got the worst blisters (No I didn’t have to go the Hospital Emilee, I’m not a wuss like Garret..)  But yeah I’m going to have to get new shoes in Puerto Rico soon. My second pair will work for now, but the first pair, the slip on ones, are toast.  It was cool though. I couldn’t understand a single thing anyone was saying all day, which was fun. I just walked around and smiled and looked like an idiot from America haha. Tomorrow we go out again and we will more than likely be matched up with the same guys again. I’m pumped too, because Reyes is so awesome. He asked me what my favorite band was and I said “well it’s muse, but you probably don’t know them..” and he busted out singing Neutron Star Collision in English! “Our loooooove, will be forevvvvverrrrrrr, and if we dieeeeeee, we’ll die togeeeeeetherrrrrrr…” haha It was so awesome. He said his favorite songs were that, Survival, and Uprising. Ahh yeah.
Entonces…  I’m glad everything is working well with the house and everything. It’s coming up quick, so enjoy California while you can! And you kids better hound mom and dad and convince them to take you to the beach at LEAST two more times. And to froyoland. Get some for me too. I’m just eating weird mystery meat all the time, you know, beef, chicken, fish, cat probably, and one time we were all convinced we had a human thigh. Trust me, I took anatomy, it was identical to human. But oh well, my motto here is “don’t ask questions, just eat it.”
Haha Classic Kobe. Lakers are trash.
Good job on your softball stuff whitney! It was awesome to hear that you’re doing better! You just have to improve one day at a time. I’m trying to learn how to do that here. It’s not easy, but I’m trying. I think sometimes I try to live my whole two year mission in one day, and I can’t do it. I think I can, but I can’t. I just need to keep waking up and saying “alright, today I’m going to be the best missionary ever” and then do the same thing the next day and the next day. One day at a time..
Zach! Thanks for the email bud. The code for the voicemail should be 1314. Nah, I haven’t been tazed anymore, once was enough! I know you haven’t forgot about me, and I haven’t forgotten about you either! I tell everyone here how cool my family is all the time. And yeah, it was sad to hear about the Michigan game, but they did way awesome this year, hopefully they can win it all next year! Probably not though, since we’re losing trey burke. Sad day. Hopefully the clips pick him up. We’ll use him after Chauncey retires.
Yeah, so about mother’s day. I’m pretty sure we are allowed to skype instead of just a phone call. I can just talk to my immediate family though, so grandmas and cousins and what not will just have to email me.. But when I find out more I’ll let you know!
So last night was totally hilarious. I made sister stevens laugh so hard that she literally threw up in class haha. She was drinking water and started choking on it and threw up. So now that means I have made one girl throw up and made one girl pee her pants from laughing so hard (Sister Howell). I run this CCM. Boom.
Well today the last time I’ll be able to go to the temple for a really long time, unless we kill it over in Puerto rico and they get a temple built before we leave. That would be way awesome. We got to meet our Mission President on Sunday, president Alvarado. He was here for our sacrament meeting. He talked to our district afterwards for about 2  minutes and it was amazing. He is such a spiritual guy. He said that he has a really good feeling about our group that is going to Puerto rico and he expects a lot from us. Then he bore a TWO word testimony that was more powerful than some of the general conference talks. He just said “Christ lives.” It was crazy! It’s a bummer that he’s leaving in a couple months though. Hopefully the new guy is just as awesome.
Tell Grandma and Grandpa g that i really appreciated their email and I will try to write them back next week! Love you guys!
So I was totally going to give you a run down of my favorite things from conference, but I don’t have time. I’m planning on sending you my journal when I fill it up though and you can read it. It’s got way more stuff in there that I don’t have time to write about in my weekly emails. But my favorite talk was the one by Richard G Scott. My favorite quote was “it doesn’t matter where you raise your children, it matters that Christ is the center of your home.” It really applies to you guys as you’re moving soon. It really doesn’t matter what our address is, as long as Christ is the center of our home. We have three temples on this earth: the actual temple, our bodies, and our homes. Make sure that your new house is filled with the spirit of Christ at all times! When you walk into a room where the spirit is welcome you can definitely feel a difference. You can do missionary work just by inviting your friends over to your house and let them feel the spirit.
Alright I’m out of time. Scripture of the week is Alma 29:9. Also, watch the Mormon message called “Come What May, and Love It” by joseph b wirthlin. It got me pumped yesterday. Also, I challenge you guys to read the scriptures. Like really read them. It’s amazing what’s in there! I cant believe I never really read them before. I’m in Jacob now and I’ve made more notes and cross references than ever. Plus, the book of Mormon TOTALLY makes the bible more clear. There is no way someone could read the BOM and deny it’s truth. Do it.
Next email will be from Puerto Rico!
Elder Nielson

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