Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 8, 2013

haha i can't handle dad's letters. they are so funny. The marines in afghanistan bit and the "i didnt know if she had been hit by a car, shot, or got a paper cut" haha so classic. it reminded me of the day i was having ear surgery and whitney "cut" her hand off. Love you whit!

I'm also pretty surprised that i didnt have 59 eemails from mom freaking out about the tropical storm thats gunna hit here tomorrow morning. I thought for sure with the weather alarms and all that she would be losing it. I guess you just don't care about me anymore... But yeah, we're not allowed to go out or really do anything until about thursday because it's raining super hard and really windy. I saw the radar thing this morning and it looks pretty big. We'll have to see what happens. our apt is about 12 feet from the shore, so who knows, we might be going swimming this week! My mission might turn into rebuilding peoples "houses" and shacks here. it'll be interesting to see what happens. 

Anyways, i hope you're feeling better this week whit! i'll be honest, the pictures of you in the hospital bed are pretty funny haha. we tease you because we love you. Latinos dont understand that . they take everything so seriously and get their feelings hurt. but not the nielsons!

Nah, i havent met my new mission president yet. He's from Alabama actually. Roll Tide. 

That'll be so sick to go to a tigers game in KC. i remember seeing the stadium from the freeway when we would drive through there. Hopefully miggy puts on a good show. that would be sweet if scherzer was pitching too, he'll killing it this season.

I've got tons of pictures to send this week, 2 weeks worth.

Here's the letter i sent to President. it kinda sums up the week:
President Smartt,

            Good morning! I hope you had a great first week here in the mission. I’m not sure how the weather is in Guaynabo now, but if it’s anything like it is here in Dominica I’m sure you were sweating quite a bit.

            This week was the best week that we have had here on the island so far. It seems as if every week improves and as we get to know the area better, we are able to be more effective. We had 10 member present lessons this week. The members of our branch here in Portsmouth really have the missionary spirit and love to work with the elders. We have been visiting the members too to get to know them better and strengthen our branch. The members are trusting us and they are becoming more and more willing to help us.

            On Saturday, we went to the next village down, Dublanc, and met with one of our investigators. The lesson was great, and the best part was that we brought a less-active member with us to the lesson. He hadn’t been to church since we’ve been here but he was willing to come with us. He has a testimony, he just has a hard time coming to church. He said that he has really bad ADD and if he doesn’t get enough sleep he can’t function during the day. We are going to work with him though and hopefully get him coming back to church.

            Saturday, also, we had a lesson with one of our investigators, Kelly. She was one of our strongest investigators. At the beginning of the lesson she just started crying and broke down. She said that she isn’t sure if God exists anymore because of the trials she has been going through. She wanted to be baptized, but said she doesn’t even believe he’s answering her prayers. We were there for almost 2 hours and by the end of the lesson, she was calmed down and went back to normal. She is just a little depressed and is having negative thoughts. We are really going to focus on her this week.

            My testimony of my Savior was really strengthened this week. I know that he atoned for me, personally and I am so grateful for that. It broke my heart to hear Kelly say that Christ isn’t real and isn’t there for us. I know that he is always there for us and that he will always comfort us when we need it.

Elder Nielson

OH! our AC is broken in our apt, but at least we had fans to kinda keep us cool. BUT, on friday night, i woke up to the sound of an explosion, literally. My fan motor blew up. awesome. not only was i sweating to death, i had to worry about shrapnel killing me in my sleep. It so bloody hot and humid here. my room is perfect breeding ground for those big ol cockroaches. mmmmmmmmm

For my missionary plaque, i want alma 26:12. I remember when I read that in the MTC for the first time. It really hit me. It's my favorite. make sure i have a good picture on there too, i dont wanna look like some scrawn like every other missionary does.  But 1 cor 14:34-35 would be legit too. thanks for the thought dad haha

I think that's everything. if i missed something, lemme know. I love you guys a ton and miss you!

Happy Birthday to Zach Attack!

Elder Nielson

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