Monday, July 1, 2013

July 1, 2013

Hey so it's past 6 and that's when we have to be done with p day. so i'll have to write you next week. I didnt even have a chance to read your emails yet. crazy day, but all is well! I just wanted to drop a quick note so you don't freak out and think I died or something. Don't worry, i'll write for sure next week. I'm sure that is is EXACTLY the opposite of what you want haha. Happy Monday!  Also, 4th of July this week. Last 4th of July I lied in my underwear all day long and ate chocolate marshmallow mateys at BYU and watched the entire 3rd season of Prison Break. I highly recommend doing that. GREAT day. Party Hard.

Much love, 
Elder Nielson

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