Saturday, September 28, 2013

August 19, 2013

Alright alright, first thing's first. Yes, I have to wear a purse. Yes, I live with another dude. Yes, I have a really bad hair cut. NO, I"M NOT GAY. Just wanted to make sure we're all clear on that..
So mom got the job huh? Sweet. Although, that does hurt me a little, because she got one so easily and I can't find one to save my life. When I say i'm looking but no one will hire me, she won't believe me..  That's cool though. I hope that it will be a great experience for you!
Greg getting a new car will be cheaper for us.. My foot. That's a good excuse though. I have been thinking about it, and i'm pretty excited actually. Since greg will leave on his mission right after I get back, it'll be mine. Greg getting a new car = Jeff getting a new car. Cool beans.
So the senior couple, the Martinezs, left to go back to New Mexico yesterday. That was sad for us, because they fed us a lot hah. So that's not gunna happen anymore. We did move into their apartment though, and it's way nice. We have a nice kitchen, a decent room, and a washer. That's the best. We do have the worst shower known to man though. So the water heaters here are weird. It's just a thing on top of the shower head. you flip a switch on the wall to turn it on, then just turn on the cold water. there is a electrical current that "heats" the water before it comes out. it sucks big time. So today I got in, and it was just drizzling. I noticed that on the head, water was coming out in a place it wasn't supposed to. I noticed something kind of bulging out, looked like an O-ring that is there for a seal or something. I went to push it back in and I got freakin electrocuted. It's just a live wire sticking out of the shower head. so live electricity and cold water. that's a good combo right there..
We also got the truck that the Martinezs were using. It's a 2010 ford ranger, standard transmission. I love that thing. reminds me of big blue. I'm still mad that you sold it. anyways, it's fun driving up and down the hills, almost falling off the cliffs into the ocean. it's only a 4 cylinder engine though, that suuucks. it has no power. going up hills I have to crank it down to second gear and just chug up them. it's annoying, but it beats walking.
So would you say that I am a generally happy person? I feel like I am.. anyways, 2 different people this week told me that I need to smile more. My heavens. I hate them. I don't know why it bothered me so bad, but it really did haha. When they said that it made me so wroth. (my comp uses that word when he's mad. he learned English from the book of Mormon, so...)  But yeah, my gosh.
I'm glad everyone had a good week at school. I'm sorry Whitney had an accident. I can't ride bikes, whit can't ride scooters, greg can't go near anything without breaking it, and Zach is a perfect angel..
Well we have to pay $2 per 30 mins for internet time here at the "library" so i'm gunna have to go. it was nice using the martinez' laptop these past couple months.
President Smartt,
            We were able to meet the Towers and the Cards this weekend, as they came to help escort the Martinezs to the airport. The Martinezs were a great couple and really helped us here. I appreciate their efforts here and for their love towards us and the members here. They will be missed, but the work goes on.
            So we were able to talk with Kelly and get her situation figured out. We are just going to have our lessons outside, away from her house. She is still reading from the Book of Mormon and is studying her Gospel Principles book that we gave her. She just needs to marry her boyfriend and then she will be ready to be baptized.
            We are going to help out with the young mens program here in Roseau to try to help Terry become more involved. Today, the yound mens president in Portsmouth is having a YM activity at Ross University. We helped Terry and one of our investigators, Louency, a 14 yr old boy, get there on the bus this morning. We hope that help Terry get more involved will help him to have the goal of serving a mission in a few years. His birthday is on Sept. 2nd, and he will be 16. We want to help him to be prepared to bless the sacrament and be a strong Aaronic priesthood holder here.
            Yesterday, we were able to take the sacrament to a woman here named Vincia. She is Dominican, but she lived in Delaware for 35 years. She was coming back to Dominica 2 years ago to help her sister who was sick, but on the plane ride here she had a stroke. They made an emergency landing in Barbados and she stayed in a hospital there for 3 months. She made it here, but now lives in a hostel called The Grotto. She can’t walk well, and hasn’t been able to come to sacrament meeting. Yesterday we gave her the sacrament and she told us that it was the first time she has taken the sacrament in almost 2 years. She was so happy that we were able to do that for her. She said that if everything goes well, she might be cleared to get on a plane and return to the states on Sept 23 to get the medical treatment that she needs. We gave her a blessing and she felt so grateful for that. The priesthood was able to bless her in multiple ways this week and her testimony shows that she has a deep love for our Savior. She knows He lives, and I do as well. Just as she told us, He never leaves us alone, He’s always there to comfort us.

Elder Nielson

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